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Is it dead?
11-27-2018, 05:21 PM
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RE: Is it dead?
(07-19-2018 10:41 AM)Admin Wrote:  Basically... Flash as a web platform is being killed off, meaning further developments to the app itself are wasted.
The plan was to rebuild STuner into a new framework sitting on webGL, unfortunately a number of features that we currently have are not easily able to be ported into the new frame work (liveries for example) and would require a complete rebuild, which would also involve modifying every one of the parts we currently have.

How much would STuner without liveries be used?

I think it's still great even without liveries. I only do liveries if I literally have an entire night to kill lol.

I think it's cool just to be able to build what's on your mind Smile

we can photoshop liveries on lol

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