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Sedan Challenge pre-season development stage
10-16-2017, 04:33 AM
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Sedan Challenge pre-season development stage
[Image: GZDNqDJ.png]
Briefing: the year is 2017. You know what is going on. There are events like the continuing war in the Middle East, the election of Donald Trump, etc. Meanwhile, in a small country known as Lichtenstein, a new racing season is developing. The rules are as follows.

1 Only sedan bodies are allowed on the racing cars. Due to the increase of complex definitions of a sedan, the definitions for this challenge show a sedan as an enclosed automobile for four people, having four doors.

2 Only V6 engines are allowed on the racing cars. You can not get around this rule by using an engine with rotors.

There are many other rules but they are too complicated for this challenge. After all, we can only simulate the building of these cars. The race will have to be replaced with something else.

A team from Switzerland has hired you to build them a car. They have promised you a position as a lead engineer and a salary of many euros a year. It's time to get started. Your team has given you the following directions.

1 The car must follow the season rules.

2 You have a budget of 592,200 euros. This shouldn't be a problem as you're getting all these parts for free.

Challenge description: this challenge will be separated into two parts. These two parts will be the pre-season development stage and the season stage.

Pre-season development stage: reply with pictures of your cars. Be sure to include to include photographic evidence that your car is a sedan and that such sedan has a V6 engine. Post these pictures before November 2017 GMT time. Note that one of these pictures will be posted in the season stage.

Season stage: I'll set up a poll for you to vote on who's car looks fastest. It will start in early November 2017 GMT time. Yes, you may vote for your own car. No, you shouldn't. Yes, you can rice your car. No, you shouldn't.
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10-16-2017, 08:59 AM
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RE: Sedan Challenge pre-season development stage
what the fuck lol

1. i recomend getting a hang of how to build a car first, for example how to move a car battery.

2. your rules are weird as fuck. for example, stuner doesnt have any form of budget.

3. nearly noone likes roleplaying around here.

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