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05-12-2017, 01:40 AM (This post was last modified: 05-12-2017 02:32 AM by Mat123.)
Post: #411
[Image: 34463577321_37972cb5cc_b.jpg]

[Image: 34594216595_2dbd7bf40c_b.jpg]

[Image: 34432161452_81804a79f7_b.jpg]

Credits to gred for some of the boso parts

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gred (05-12-2017), OMGahd (05-15-2017)
05-16-2017, 08:08 AM
Post: #412
Haven't uploaded in a while, since I've been working on a big project. Should be finished sometime soon, since just the engine and chassis to go.


[Image: roadrunner_by_kazamr2-db9bz25.png]

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mkxx (05-17-2017)
05-17-2017, 07:57 AM
Post: #413
Finished my first environment I've made in Blender! c:

[Image: first_enviroment__s_tuner_render__by_kaz...b9fo2h.png]

Big build coming up in next few days. [Maybe lol]

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gred (05-18-2017)
05-18-2017, 05:18 AM (This post was last modified: 05-18-2017 05:19 AM by Kaza-MR2.)
Post: #414
Beginning the 3/5/17 and completing on the 17/5/17, a 2 week and day project with the most attention to detail and modelling I've ever done on one. This has got to be my magnum opus build, the big one! The B.A.D name: Hypersonic Blitz also known as "Mazdarari" because of it's exoticness [and to annoy Ferrari owners lol.] This is one of my craziest experimental builds I've done to date. With wild lines influenced from Abflug, KRC, and lots of different tuner brands to create my own bodykit for the FD, with a custom Lotus Evora front end.

I did about 60% of the modelling on this, as well as all the 3d textures. For the start of this project, I actually drew out how I imagined it, then put
into effect the modelling, and got it done. After this I did the interior, then I made the engine in S-tuner with about 90% S-tuner, 10% or maybe less of my own modelled bits. After this I had to form together the files, with the base engine, then load the body and interior, and take pictures. As well as that, in-between I modelled my first environment for the build based on Rowen International's photoshoot location.

This is a true one-off, showing my talent and wild design, something truly original with nothing else like it! I hope you enjoy masterpiece that is: Hypersonic Blitz/Mazdarari! (・ω・)

Hypersonic Blitz Specs

Engine: Fully forged 20B-REW [Eunos Cosmo engine base]
HP: 1,900hp @ 2.0 bar - 2,100 @ 2.5 bar with nitrous oxide
Torque: 300.63kgfm @ 3,000rpm
Weight: 1,100kg

- Maziora Trapezium II
- Fully custom Lotus Evora front end, stretched out to fit more engine

- K-Tune painted carbon "Mazdarari" full bodykit
- K-Tune painted carbon "Mazdarari" wing
- K-Tune painted carbon "Mazdarari" reverse roof camera
- K-Tune painted carbon "Mazdarari" headlight cluster
- Nissan Cima "Gatling gun" projectors
- K-Tune carbon "Mazdarari" taillights with chrome emblem
- K-Tune carbon "Mazdarari" diffuser with rain/fog lights
- RE Amemiya carbon door handles
- K-Tune vertical doors
- K-Tune "Mazdarari" door sil emblem
- K-Tune FRP bumper mesh
- K-Tune neon tubes
- Stock front windscreen wipers

- Custom Maziora Trapezium II themed accent
- Bride Gias Low Max Maziora
- Bride Super Seat Rail LF type
- Bride 4 point seatbelt
- K-Tune half roll cage
- K-Tune FRP passenger 3-gauge cluster
- K-Tune chrome ball shifter
- K-Tune Leather wheel with NOS buttons
- K-Tune accurate speedo
- K-Tune neon tubes
- Blitz A-pillar cluster x2
- Blitz Powermeter
- Blitz Sequential Boost Controller
- Pioneer AVH-P6000DVD
- Speedhut shifter LED
- Speedhut gauges and option gauges
- Sundown Audio speakers
- 200 shot nos bottle

- Custom 20B rotary built by K-tune with chrome/black scheme
- K-Tune externals [belts, bolts, wires, gears]
- K-Tune custom roots supercharger
- K-Tune custom intake manifold
- K-Tune custom exhaust manifold
- K-Tune custom intercooler water spray system
- K-Tune custom black intercooler
- K-Tune aluminium catch can
- K-Tune strut re-enforcements
- Endless master cylinder
- HKS T51R KAI BB turbo x6
- HKS universal wastegate x12
- Stock electric boxes

- K-Tune custom 6 speed manual gearbox tuned for wangan
- Exedy Carbon-R Triple Clutch
- K-Tune custom light-R driveshaft
- Blitz 1.0 LSD

- TEIN coilovers

- Endless big brake upgrade
- Endless calipers
- Endless carbon-ceramic disks
- Maziora Trapezium II

- Work CR Kai 9x19/12x19
- Dunlop Direzza Z1 semi-slick tires 225/300

Hypersonic Blitz

[Image: hypersonic_blitz_7_by_kazamr2-db9ik9g.png][Image: hypersonic_blitz_6_by_kazamr2-db9ik97.png][Image: hypersonic_blitz_14_by_kazamr2-db9ikbo.png][Image: hypersonic_blitz_15_by_kazamr2-db9ikbw.png][Image: hypersonic_blitz_16_by_kazamr2-db9ikc5.png][Image: hypersonic_blitz_17_by_kazamr2-db9ikcj.png][Image: hypersonic_blitz_20_by_kazamr2-db9ikdd.png][Image: hypersonic_blitz_21_by_kazamr2-db9ikdm.png][Image: hypersonic_blitz_23_by_kazamr2-db9ike4.png][Image: hypersonic_blitz_24_by_kazamr2-db9ikej.png]

[Image: hypersonic_blitz_25_by_kazamr2-db9ikev.png][Image: hypersonic_blitz_26_by_kazamr2-db9ikf5.png][Image: hypersonic_blitz_27_by_kazamr2-db9ikff.png][Image: hypersonic_blitz_29_by_kazamr2-db9ikfy.png][Image: hypersonic_blitz_32_by_kazamr2-db9ikgr.png][Image: hypersonic_blitz_33_by_kazamr2-db9ikh5.png][Image: hypersonic_blitz_34_by_kazamr2-db9ikhi.png][Image: hypersonic_blitz_35_by_kazamr2-db9ikhw.png][Image: hypersonic_blitz_36_by_kazamr2-db9iki6.png][Image: hypersonic_blitz_40_by_kazamr2-db9ikjp.png]

[Image: hypersonic_blitz_neons_edit_front_by_kaz...b9iohc.gif][Image: hypersonic_blitz_neons_edit_rear_by_kazamr2-db9ioid.gif]

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gred (05-19-2017), mkxx (05-18-2017)
05-18-2017, 10:14 AM
Post: #415
Some unfinished builds

[Image: 34562536132_a38dd8504d_b.jpg]

[Image: 34724291985_d84c82fc7d_b.jpg]

[Image: 34724293475_b62e2980bd_b.jpg]

[Image: 34562536802_5f16f047c1_b.jpg]

[Image: 34724298855_a87fe24cf8_b.jpg]

[Image: 34724299325_490cd2c8c2_b.jpg]

[Image: 34724355025_f0ccebe6ec_b.jpg]

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gred (05-19-2017)
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