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03-08-2017, 06:49 AM (This post was last modified: 03-08-2017 06:50 AM by Kaza-MR2.)
Post: #401
Next in the Bayshore Generation lineup: A Nissan Cedric Y34!

Based on the Junction Produce demo-car of the Y34, this machine is the ultimate in original VIP styling, back from the birth of VIP where it was all about blacked out lowered sedans that the Yakuza usually drove. The exterior is a Junction Produce bodykit and lip I made from merging a few kits in S-tuner, with blacked out headlights and Junction Produce taillights with eyeliner. The wheels are classic JP's own: OZ Scara in a 19 inch setup on low profile slick tires, for maximum grip on the wangan. The engine is the stock VG30DET, with a tuned filter and radiator producing around 270hp. The interior has classic VIP styling, with Junction Produce tray, glasses, fusa knot, and cushions.

Hope you enjoy! (✯◡✯)

Junction Produce Y34 Cedric

[Image: junction_produce_y34_cedric_1_by_kazamr2-db1ime4.png][Image: junction_produce_y34_cedric_2_by_kazamr2-db1imew.png][Image: junction_produce_y34_cedric_3_by_kazamr2-db1imf6.png][Image: junction_produce_y34_cedric_4_by_kazamr2-db1imfr.png][Image: junction_produce_y34_cedric_5_by_kazamr2-db1img4.png][Image: junction_produce_y34_cedric_6_by_kazamr2-db1imgh.png][Image: junction_produce_y34_cedric_7_by_kazamr2-db1imgw.png][Image: junction_produce_y34_cedric_8_by_kazamr2-db1imh7.png][Image: junction_produce_y34_cedric_9_by_kazamr2-db1imhp.png][Image: junction_produce_y34_cedric_10_by_kazamr2-db1imi6.png]

[Image: junction_produce_y34_cedric_11_by_kazamr2-db1imim.png][Image: junction_produce_y34_cedric_12_by_kazamr2-db1imj3.png][Image: junction_produce_y34_cedric_13_by_kazamr2-db1imjz.png][Image: junction_produce_y34_cedric_14_by_kazamr2-db1imkf.png][Image: junction_produce_y34_cedric_15_by_kazamr2-db1immc.png][Image: junction_produce_y34_cedric_16_by_kazamr2-db1immx.png]

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gred (03-09-2017)
03-09-2017, 06:49 AM
Post: #402
More progress on my ASL model, still a long way to go haha... :U

[Image: asl_garaiya_wip_3_by_kazamr2-db1mgbz.png][Image: asl_garaiya_wip_4_by_kazamr2-db1mgcb.png]

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gred (03-10-2017)
03-13-2017, 05:58 AM (This post was last modified: 03-13-2017 05:58 AM by Kaza-MR2.)
Post: #403
Bayshore Generation DC5 - B.A.D name: Fogbound

Fogbound is a wanderer for the Shinjuku line [Route 4], his Integra DC5 Type R has a lightened CF hood, and wing. The chassis has Volk CE28 rims on Project MU big brake upgrades, then the K20a engine is JUN tuned, producing over 250hp N/A for a very nippy track/street-oriented setup. With this overall setup the DC5 can run down Shinjuku exceptionally quick, with a unique N/A sound screaming down the highway.


[Image: fogbound_1_by_kazamr2-db224z1.jpg][Image: fogbound_dc5_2_by_kazamr2-db224zc.jpg][Image: fogbound_dc5_3_by_kazamr2-db22502.jpg][Image: fogbound_dc5_4_by_kazamr2-db2250d.jpg][Image: fogbound_dc5_5_by_kazamr2-db2250k.jpg][Image: fogbound_dc5_6_by_kazamr2-db2250q.jpg][Image: fogbound_dc5_7_by_kazamr2-db2250u.jpg][Image: fogbound_dc5_8_by_kazamr2-db2251b.jpg][Image: fogbound_dc5_9_by_kazamr2-db2251k.jpg][Image: fogbound_dc5_10_by_kazamr2-db2251p.jpg]

Bayshore Generation T230 - B.A.D name: Azure Bullet

Azure Bullet is also a wanderer for the Shinjuku line [Route 4], his Celica GT-S has custom bodywork, with a TRD wing and LED taillights. The chassis has Volk TE37 rims on a lightened chassis with roll cage, complementing the VR38 N/A engine swap straight from an R35 GT-R, along with it's AWD system to make a "Celica GT-R" spec machine. This is one strong racing machine, built to speed down the Shinjuku straight-aways as fast as it can do in corners!

Azure Bullet

[Image: azure_bullet_1_by_kazamr2-db225er.jpg][Image: azure_bullet_2_by_kazamr2-db225ey.jpg][Image: azure_bullet_3_by_kazamr2-db225f8.jpg][Image: azure_bullet_4_by_kazamr2-db225fl.jpg][Image: azure_bullet_5_by_kazamr2-db225ft.jpg][Image: azure_bullet_6_by_kazamr2-db225fw.jpg][Image: azure_bullet_7_by_kazamr2-db225g6.jpg][Image: azure_bullet_8_by_kazamr2-db225gg.jpg][Image: azure_bullet_9_by_kazamr2-db225go.jpg][Image: azure_bullet_10_by_kazamr2-db225h1.jpg]

A new concept idea I thought out for Bayshore Generation: Having a "Battle Sequence" showing two or more BG cars having a highway battle!

I think I'll create more of these to lessen the abundance of cars I'd have to do for the project.

Hope you enjoy it! (≧◡≦)

Bayshore Duo [Azure Bullet and Fogbound]

[Image: bayshore_duo__azure_bullet_and_fogbound_...b225wd.png][Image: bayshore_duo__azure_bullet_and_fogbound_...b225wt.png][Image: bayshore_duo__azure_bullet_and_fogbound_...b225xa.png][Image: bayshore_duo__azure_bullet_and_fogbound_...b225xl.png]

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gred (03-13-2017)
Today, 12:02 AM (This post was last modified: Today 12:02 AM by Kaza-MR2.)
Post: #404
Next on the Bayshore Generation: A C4 Corvette ZR1! [This counts as "Empty"]

B.A.D name: Velocity's Mistral.

A speedy Corvette ZR1 with WEST Racing & Trading co. tuning to produce a 600hp N/A LT1 monster, the car has big brakes up at the front, alongside Volk TE37s as a tradition with WEST. The engine bay is fully tuned by WEST, having closed ITBs, brake-pipes, and a closed radiator setup. This machine is fully built for maintaining high speeds at the Wangan..

Velocity's Mistral [WEST Corvette]

[Image: velocity_s_mistral_1_by_kazamr2-db35izq.png][Image: velocity_s_mistral_2_by_kazamr2-db35izy.png][Image: velocity_s_mistral_3_by_kazamr2-db35j04.png][Image: velocity_s_mistral_4_by_kazamr2-db35j0f.png][Image: velocity_s_mistral_5_by_kazamr2-db35j0k.png][Image: velocity_s_mistral_6_by_kazamr2-db35j0o.png][Image: velocity_s_mistral_7_by_kazamr2-db35j0x.png][Image: velocity_s_mistral_8_by_kazamr2-db35j13.png][Image: velocity_s_mistral_9_by_kazamr2-db35j1a.png][Image: velocity_s_mistral_10_by_kazamr2-db35j1l.png]

[Image: velocity_s_mistral_11_by_kazamr2-db35j1r.png][Image: velocity_s_mistral_12_by_kazamr2-db35j1w.png]

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