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Vette's Tuners
12-19-2014, 03:56 AM
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Vette's Tuners
The name is ironic, isn't it?

I am from the Philippines and I'm also just 13. I'm new to S-Tuner so don't really get your hopes up. And I really haven't got that much shots of cars because sometimes my mouse screws up and either clicks the ads on top or does something else. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my rides.

"Sprunk" Nissan Terrano
[Image: terrano_zpse76d47aa.jpg]
This is a Terrano that I sponsored with Sprunk, a softdrink in GTA V. It was originally an off-road sponsored by various off-roading companies, but I slapped that Sprunk vending machine on the back, so, why not?

Custom Mitsubishi Lancer EVOLUTION VII
[Image: evo_zps0d27d7b7.jpg]
My custom Evo VII. Pretty nice I must say.

Custom Mazda RX-8
[Image: rx8_zps6599c1e9.jpg]
Just for a friend for the Evo. Had fun building this one.

"Stanced" Toyota Altezza
[Image: altezza_zpscb135207.jpg]
Just a stanced Altezza to follow-up all the other stanced works. The windows were an accident though - I accidentally slapped on a decal and decided to clear the decal with a PNG image and color all the windows black.

"Lifeinvader" Honda Civic
[Image: civic_zps15b61013.jpg]
This came out nicer than the Terrano. Was happy of the results.

Custom Toyota Supra
[Image: supra_zpsae38da90.jpg]
I went serious on this build. I think this is the first decent one I have produced. Put it on surf blue with a tribal vinyl, and there you go.

Custom Subaru Impreza
[Image: impreza_zps10af5c9d.jpg]
I went on this build for almost 90 minutes until I realized it was midnight. Got this nice Impreza all tuned up, with an intercooler from a random car and also a V6 engine (not pictured).

Anyway, comment on the cars. I'm not online all the time as I'm still trying to get my parents to fix the monitor that won't work properly. Hope you enjoy Big Grin \O/

I like sexy, fast Corvettes.
But I also like hot, state-of-the-art, and way sexier tuners.
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