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02-15-2015, 05:30 AM (This post was last modified: 02-15-2015 05:34 AM by DiCapone.)
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ohai, was bored and thought i'd make this thread.
i've pixeled about 3 years for now on, pretty cool thing to do when bored.
eh, enough of talking, heres something of mine's, old to new ones


oh and i don't finish much, moving on

and sorry i didnt find my very first tune,
and these are real pixelcars, not like stuners lol haha way diffrent just wante to show you how they really look like.

[Image: nissanr31_zps5e477dc7.png]

[Image: VWFLEET_zpsfbaaa97e.png]

[Image: ssss_zps11c9d05b.png]

[Image: 145153_zps78137457-1_zps12181213.png]

top one is missile, and bottom vip-ish
[Image: yID7hZC.png]

[Image: zJLiAyx.png]

i promised to myself that i'd finish it some day, but never knows.
[Image: 47wbPeb.png]

then this sexy,
this is the tune i love the most.unfinished tho, but really want to finish it oneday, if i only had time.
[Image: goJ7cc7.png]

and then this, the final tune, this one was for pixel car championship, id never won that lol, theres alots of better tuners like me, im kinda shitty, but yeh, i dont think i will finish this,
[Image: QgcQDeQ.png]
and those muscle tunes are all by me, rims are brandons, & the volvo is all by me, and the el air also, was too lazy to put other bases credits

thanks for stopping by


[Image: tEwqnt4.png]
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