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Supra MKIV project. Barn find!
12-16-2014, 03:26 AM (This post was last modified: 12-16-2014 04:00 AM by Juucso.)
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Supra MKIV project. Barn find!
I bought this Supra for myself 8 months ago! She was in barn almost 6 year, because this old gentlemen was too old to drive and he couldn't let his supra go.

Oh, and did I tell you that this car is RHD! She were imported straight from Japan in 2004.

BTW she didn't have engine. Sad Luckily I did find one from supraforums!


[Image: 33e255i.jpg]

[Image: r09w7o.jpg]


I did drive 3hours to get my 2JZ-GTE and some good cleaning it looks good. Also I did go to titanmotorsport and picked up HKS 3.4L Stroker kit, HKS GT2835 twin turbo kit, ferrea valves, AEM V2 and some other little things. Smile I hope I'll get +1200hp numbers from rear wheels.

[Image: rvzsp1.jpg]


Engine is now ready and everything is polished, painted and installed!

[Image: 96g8hz.jpg]


I did paint engine bay gold and dropper engine and transmission in!

[Image: 11jlk74.jpg]


So... My wheels and Brembo brakes arrived today. Brakes are great, but my wheels.. F*CK! I think I might have to go widebody! Big Grin

[Image: r8wkev.jpg]

[Image: 35kk8j4.jpg]


Today HKS intercooler and Cusco 6 Point rollcage arrived!
Both were easy to install so I cleaned windows really good! They look like new now!

[Image: 2rf7ml4.jpg]

I have been thinking about that widebody.. Do I sell my wheels or do I order widebody and sell my UTV.

These widebodys would be perfect for my wheels

-TS GT300
-TS Final Evolution


So I did sell my UTV and ordered widebody kit from Japan few weeks ago. I'm getting kinda excited now! I did some bodywork so dents are gone now!

Also I got some primer on it!

[Image: f3dsuu.jpg]


So.. Some of you might think that I have ruined supra, because my Air Suspension kit arrived! YAAS!

[Image: 2crnfb5.jpg]

[Image: 5wz3uq.jpg]

It could go lower, but then wheels would hit fenders!


Mmmm.. Top Secret! Quick test fit.
[Image: KTqZ3FO.gif]

[Image: 27xhrtl.jpg]

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