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3D Car Download Thread (Easy File Finder)
11-19-2014, 11:40 PM (This post was last modified: 01-23-2016 11:01 PM by HeyDayJordan.)
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Information 3D Car Download Thread (Easy File Finder)
Ok, been seeing people making new car models recently, however they're not japanese, so... of course the admin will not add them to the car building sites we currently have.

Site Links:
Firstly, here's a list of links to the 3D car building games we currently have for users who can't remember the links or are new here & didn't realise that there are other site around other than S-Tuner. For Japanese car (Began with S-Chassis Nissans) For Australian & American Fords For other Muscle cars (Began with Australian Holdens)

Reason For This Thread:
Now, the main reason I started this thread is so that anyone who has built or found a new 3dt. file car can upload the file here to make it easier for everyone to find these cars instead of having to look all over the place & ask tonnes (lol) of people where to get these cars.

For The Admins:
If any site Admins would like to contribute or sticky this thread, please do so. It would make it less time consuming for everyone.

List Of Links To Car Files:
Porsche Thread: (*HM, *AV)
E30 BMW: (*UV)
tankS15's R35 GTR Prototype: (*HM)
OldSchoolFords' C10 Ramp Truck (*HM)
LS1poweredR34's Fastback Rat Rod (*HM)
HeyDayJordan's Veilside Impreza (*HM)
emptypie's custom bike (*HM)
1957 Chevrolet BelAir: (*UV) Mediafire LINK
CWiseman_21's 350Z Lamborghini Veneno kit (*HM)
Toyota 86: (*UV) FB & Mediafire LINK
Bugatti Veyron: (*UV) FB & Mediafire LINK
Mazdaspeed 3: (*UV) FB & Mediafire LINK
DMC De-Lorean: (*UV) Mediafire LINK
1996 Dodge Ram & 2010 Subaru Legacy: (*UV) Mediafire LINK
Audi A4: (*UV) Mediafire LINK

Version Keys:
*HM = Home-made
*AV = Actual version
*UV = Unofficial version

[Image: R7DmjK]
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