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RE: IRL rides - gred - 03-19-2016 01:43 PM

gas23:haha,its not that bad i would say,but it do have some "battle stains" lmao

RE: IRL rides - AllOfTheCars - 03-22-2016 01:08 AM

(03-18-2016 11:22 PM)Mitchellol Wrote:  you guys got some chill cops then lol

The cops here will follow you, but they won't pull you over unless they catch you speeding. They don't even test emissions here. It has been pretty good so far, and I just wave at every cop I drive by so that they don't do anything. Also, I finished up my wheels, did some custom rice interior work, and got the wheels on. It looks absolutely amazing, and I will upload pictures later.

Here is the results from spring break. My rice wrapped interior (Yes, the checkered pattern is duct tape.), side pipe, and nice wheels. The pictures are from a photoshoot I did in some backroads by my house yesterday. I am super pleased with the results. Next up on the mods list is some low, window tint, and smoking the tail lights.
[Image: image_zpsoq2mnwah.jpeg]
[Image: image_zpscr0axvyn.jpeg]
[Image: image_zps2pyn4nhs.jpeg]
[Image: image_zpslpnme0re.jpeg]
[Image: image_zpsi7ho5pgt.jpeg]
[Image: image_zps0wiiyr3z.jpeg]
[Image: image_zps1kcgn6zo.jpeg]

RE: IRL rides - oddsox - 03-22-2016 07:54 AM

(03-18-2016 04:40 AM)gas23 Wrote:  that's a sweet mk5.... Malone tune, so it's a tdi? what's air set up are you running?

Nope, Its a gas, I wish it was a diesel. I might get a 2002 Golf TDi though.

RE: IRL rides - YoDonny - 03-22-2016 09:45 AM

I was supposed to finish it about 15 tomorrows ago, but either i'm too tired or the weather isn't cooperating. Supposed to be 67 Saturday soooooooooo.

[Image: 25971313325_a8fb8e4ada_h.jpg]

[Image: 25670733080_72db2f1a9c_h.jpg]

RE: IRL rides - gas23 - 03-22-2016 01:38 PM

(03-22-2016 07:54 AM)oddsox Wrote:  Nope, Its a gas, I wish it was a diesel. I might get a 2002 Golf TDi though.

ahh ok, mk4's are sweet though, want to pick up a shell of one in the next few years and waste a bunch of money on it Big Grin

RE: IRL rides - HeyDayJordan - 03-22-2016 09:21 PM

"Cleaner than your Internet history" Wink
[Image: IMG_20160322_205534_zpsn2lpmyrv.jpg]
Some more "RICE"
[Image: IMG_20160322_205406_zpsl9nqdp3o.jpg]

RE: IRL rides - Cooper - 03-23-2016 11:55 AM

your car looks like you're stuck in 2010 lol

RE: IRL rides - HeyDayJordan - 03-23-2016 08:53 PM

^^Is that good or bad?
Selling my BG Mazda Familia on the weekend with the stock 4 spokes from my car so I got these from that car.
Been wanting steelies for a while.
Ignore the stickers. Going to remove loads of them tomorrow. The car is getting way too much police attention atm lol.
Keeping it clean & simple now. Might spray the wheels in gunmetal grey. Might get some BC coils, might get a smaller resonator, might get a new door... I might
[Image: 1935821_1730386587196853_868359963080175...cjng1m.jpg]

RE: IRL rides - HeyDayJordan - 03-23-2016 10:19 PM

Selling my first car on the weekend. Haven't driven her in 3 years. Genuine 1.5 (not 1.6) 1992 BG Mazda Familia. Still smells like new inside. Probably the cleanest car I've ever owned. <3
[Image: IMG_20160323_220249_zpso3ph0xra.jpg]

RE: IRL rides - gas23 - 03-24-2016 02:42 AM

are you really getting a lot of police attention? curious bc I've never been bothered even with all the swerving to avoid bumps/dips/potholes. granted I have a stock exhaust so that helps