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RE: IRL rides - PTARIStyle - 02-03-2016 03:51 AM

Check for any mixing of oil/coolat or coolant/oil. Check both systems.

Could be something as simple as air in the cooling system. this gets a lot of people.

Start your car from cold, with the radiator cap off. And the front end slightly lifted if possible. This allows trapped air bubbles to escape which cause random over heating. Leave the cap off until warm and then put back on. (before it starts losing coolant lol)


RE: IRL rides - M A G I C I A N - 02-08-2016 02:49 AM

First time its been out of the shed in a while

Thinkin of gettin fiberglass front wings to replace the ones ive butchered

[Image: 24507637919_a39fee610f_b.jpg]
[Image: 24507627039_af7f811b6c_b.jpg]
[Image: 24507646099_c32f67aa17_b.jpg]

RE: IRL rides - gas23 - 02-10-2016 02:57 PM

^I fuckin love that thing, I wanna see pics of it sideways lol

Rolled my fenders last weekend, now I can ride lower yay!

RE: IRL rides - AllOfTheCars - 02-11-2016 02:08 AM

There is no smoke. All it does is overheat. I have had people say it is the headgasket, but I have my doubts because I road tripped it 300 miles the other day with no overheating and it has been doing it since September

RE: IRL rides - HeyDayJordan - 02-11-2016 08:54 AM

My bro bought me some interior lighting for my 21st a couple of months ago.
[Image: 12593757_1712318092337036_49643193344733...flktwe.jpg]

RE: IRL rides - K24_EE4 - 02-16-2016 07:07 AM

oh hai tharr lol

wagon is ALMOST done!!!

[Image: r8i6h4.jpg]

OH! got a new car too!!

My new daily driver Smile

[Image: 2z5kkgi.jpg]

RE: IRL rides - HeyDayJordan - 02-23-2016 10:08 PM

(02-16-2016 07:07 AM)K24_EE4 Wrote:  oh hai tharr lol

wagon is ALMOST done!!!
OH! got a new car too!!

My new daily driver Smile

Nice dude. Saw the Civic Shuttle on a FB page a few weeks back. Nice

Ok, I'm back onto the Mazda. Some temp mods for now until money comes my way again. New larger front lip & swapped the front mags for the old Clio ones.

Future plans:
1. Roofrack delete.
2. Badge delete
3. New grilles
4. Spotlights
5. Stainless straight-pipe with twin blast tips
6. K-Sport coilovers
7. New door
8. 1.8 or 2.0 engine
9. JDM Sport20 kit
10. Respray in Candy Apple Green

Current pic:
[Image: 12371243_1718787205023458_92092768477853...onxdfs.jpg]

RE: IRL rides - YoDonny - 02-24-2016 05:43 AM

New / Old wheels. Took them off a C280 thats sat in the junkyard next to the Miata that was my "parts" car. Hopefully slamming it this weekend or sometime next week in preparations of the year's first meet.

[Image: 24591818193_0d8f0aa577_h.jpg]20160219_144127

RE: IRL rides - gas23 - 02-24-2016 12:01 PM

^^ yaassss that'ss look sweet slammed

I bought wheels as a birthday present to myself today lol

RE: IRL rides - OMGahd - 02-24-2016 04:55 PM

happy late birthday gas