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RE: IRL rides - emptypie - 07-04-2015 08:02 AM

(07-04-2015 05:32 AM)Mitchellol Wrote:  Depends on what you wanna use the car for Smile
Oh, and I don't recommend buying a rotor engine of any sort. Very expensive to maintain.

That's why I said with an engine swap, maybe a JZ or Nissan 4 banger

RE: IRL rides - Random_Psycho - 07-04-2015 08:37 AM

(07-04-2015 05:40 AM)Lone Ranger Wrote:  
(07-04-2015 04:42 AM)emptypie Wrote:  Miata

The answer is always Miata. :v

with how cheap they are I agree, but pretty hard to fine a good one

RE: IRL rides - YoDonny - 07-05-2015 02:50 PM

E36, E30, LS400 (1st gen). Only reason I say LS and not GS is because you mentioned the 400, so you minds well go for the LS400 instead. Both have v8s, LS is cheaper and you can swap a KA trans in with some fab work for the pedals for a unique vip drift slab.

RE: IRL rides - HeyDayJordan - 07-06-2015 08:06 PM

Debadged the Mazda today.

Getting a few things done to my Mazda tomorrow.

Straight pipe. Big Grin
Indicator tint.
Plastidip the grille and boot handle.
Replace the EZLip with a garden edging lip. lol

Not doing anything else as I've almost saved enough for a Koup.

RE: IRL rides - Random_Psycho - 07-07-2015 04:26 AM

I say go for a muffler delete 1st and see if you like it before going full straight

RE: IRL rides - 病気のスタンススタイル - 07-07-2015 10:57 AM

So i decided to show my car history lol

starting off my first car was a 1993 Nissan 300zx targa (pics before i sold it)
[Image: 19453201146_c2093db8d4_b.jpg][Image: 19483575161_9e755dfa43_b.jpg][Image: 19293074429_ebac555031_z.jpg]

Second Was 1998 Chevy Silverado
[Image: 19483847521_339c32717d_b.jpg][Image: 19479517615_b3e92e75b1_b.jpg][Image: 19473203502_11cb136b17_b.jpg]

My Recent car that i have now is a 2004 Mazda 3
[Image: 19478503235_26be9f5ffb_b.jpg][Image: 19290978880_1ebaf8fdce_b.jpg]

This isn't mine but its my dads A 1982 buick regal (lowrider)
[Image: 19290942878_5304144040_b.jpg][Image: 19452444496_a3656540d8_b.jpg]

RE: IRL rides - HeyDayJordan - 07-07-2015 09:50 PM

Pretty much what my Mazda sounds like now. I love it. Thanks to Haggard Garage for the inspiration. lol Wink

RE: IRL rides - gas23 - 07-10-2015 03:06 AM

(07-01-2015 10:57 PM)HeyDayJordan Wrote:  And I did a little Photoshop to see what some stealth/diamonds would look like on it.
[Image: MazdaChopped_zps15xspe3w.jpg]

Man, sounds good. In about 7 weeks I will need to debate whether to keep my mazda and buy a Koup, Golf, or another Mazda... Or sell my Mazda & buy on of the previous or just keep my Mazda. Whichever way it goes I will defs be getting some coil-overs.

Looks sick G. Was thinking about doing this to my Mazda, but there are about 6 locating pins under my 3 badges. So I may keep them on there for now, or remove them & put some plugs in them until I can afford to fill them and fix my doors and my front bumper. #poorcarguyproblemsTongue Oh... & I subbed to your bro btw!

Car looks great on the steelies (diamond racing?) definitely get a set!
What sort of golf? mk6? I think the 2.5's are fairly reliable motors... so you know my vote for which car to get lol. I have plugs in my front bumper too because for some reason a PA dealer drilled a front plate on :/. Thanks for subbing to my buddy, we actually just made a new video yesterday.

RE: IRL rides - gred - 07-11-2015 08:28 AM

finally,new rims on sunnyBig Grin centra turbo:Ppaint do remember something,but its not that bad yet,so maybe,one day...but im very happy with the results,that exactly something i imagined on it:Dsize is 14x6",et30 at front and et27 at rearBig Grin

[Image: 19561281336_620a5c537d_b.jpg]

and while i was at it,i took more new pics,if youre interested,they are on my flickr

RE: IRL rides - YoDonny - 07-11-2015 11:53 AM

New house, New Garage. Finally can start building and buying tools! Much Excite.

[Image: 18947975453_cf6179b42c_b.jpg]