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IRL rides - gred - 07-08-2014 04:15 AM

finally a general discussion!well i think this would happen sooner or later anyway,so why not to start now,post cars you ride in real life here!

i will start...this is my daily driver,hyundai lantra 2.0 from 1997,16v, mods,except better radio,rims and 8 ball from billiards as gear knobBig Grin

[Image: CAM00203.jpg]

sorry for bad picture qualitty,will do better,one time Smile

and this is to call it...probably a project car,lel...its a skoda 120L from 1984,its acutally a MR,wich means it got engine in back,its not that powerfull,1.2,8v,36kw,with 4speed gearboxBig Grin but i dont have this one for speed,i dont rly ride it fast,im more like i enjoy the ride with it Smile,lots and lots modifications and fixes was done on this one,it would take for a long list,from engine swap,for same engine but one that got general repair,since old one was in bad condition,for more or less all new,but stock components on brakes,to a improved audio system...well it didnt had any in original state,but i improved the one that previous owner did,to a brand new wheels i got just recently,minilite replicasBig Grin as i say,it would take for a long list...

[Image: gallery_5_1885_265225.jpg]

pic not took by me,its from meeting i was just recently at

so this is my cars...what about you?Wink

RE: IRL rides - Cooper - 07-08-2014 12:46 PM

I currently have a Hyundai Excel cup car we don't use, so it's being sold soon so I can get something for the street
here's a little video

and here's the car

[Image: 1526104_641993772513309_654302931_n.jpg]

RE: IRL rides - gas23 - 07-08-2014 01:27 PM

I drive a Mk6 GTI. I've done a few small mods to it,
-Euro LED tails
-Color-matched side markers
-APR stage 1 carbonio intake
-Double apex usb charger

[Image: A76A64D2-A969-47FB-B697-114832B7A2DE.jpg]
[Image: 59621279-3fd4-4404-b527-3ab0bca9424e.jpg]

RE: IRL rides - gred - 07-09-2014 04:38 AM

Cooper:hah,these are known as accent here,its from same time as my lantra,but lantra is abit higher trimBig Grin

RE: IRL rides - fukenflores - 07-09-2014 07:40 AM

well guys i drive an stock lancer 2006 right now cuz my 240sx broke and its at the shop and own a VW mk2 Gti race car

here's the 240 s14 (shoot from inside my lancer)
[Image: tumblr_n8eu4aOMtV1r7pnvho1_500.jpg]

and the gti race car(had more pictures of it but i no longer have the phone that had em)

[Image: tumblr_n8euq0qFk91r7pnvho1_500.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_n8euq0qFk91r7pnvho2_500.jpg]

RE: IRL rides - PTARIStyle - 07-09-2014 10:27 AM

FC, 240 single cam daily, r6:

[Image: IMG_7368.jpg]
[Image: IMG_7265.jpg]
[Image: IMG_5439.jpg]
[Image: IMG_3875.jpg]

Recently sold cars within the last year:
[Image: s13sr.jpg]
[Image: s13sr2.jpg]
[Image: mustang1.jpg]
[Image: s2kdrift2.jpg]
[Image: s2kdrift3.jpg]
[Image: s2kkk.jpg]

Could go on, have owned 130+ Cars bike and trucks... Dont want to bore you guys.

RE: IRL rides - fukenflores - 07-09-2014 11:03 AM

(07-09-2014 10:27 AM)326PowerUSA Wrote:  FC, 240 single cam daily, r6:

Could go on, have owned 130+ Cars bike and trucks... Dont want to bore you guys.

sick FC rotary its my soft spot chek out my previous 240 sold it for the s14a
[Image: tumblr_n8f442S2711r7pnvho1_500.jpg][Image: tumblr_n8f442S2711r7pnvho2_500.jpg]

RE: IRL rides - PTARIStyle - 07-09-2014 11:56 AM

[Image: s2k.jpg]
[Image: s2kk.jpg]
[Image: S2kDrift.jpg]
[Image: FCvert.jpg]
[Image: RHDsubaru.jpg]
[Image: ef1.jpg]
[Image: ef2.jpg]
[Image: soarer1.jpg]
[Image: soarer2.jpg]
[Image: ae86.jpg]

RE: IRL rides - OptimusBling - 07-10-2014 03:32 AM

2OOO Chevrolet Malibu LT:
[Image: 2000_chevy_malibu_96635331718771315.jpg]
(Not my picture, but don't feel like shuffling through hundreds of Flikr pages for it.)

And currently working on either buying a '91, or an '84 Ford Bronco.
[Image: fullsize]
(Looks exactly like that, just American Racing Vector II's with 33" Nitto Mud Claws, and no chrome trim.)

RE: IRL rides - Cooper - 07-13-2014 05:57 PM

(07-09-2014 04:38 AM)gred Wrote:  Cooper:hah,these are known as accent here,its from same time as my lantra,but lantra is abit higher trimBig Grin

yeah i think we're the only country which has it called as the excel still lol. mine's a mid 96 model so yeah pretty much the same aha