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RE: Music thread - TheTurbolessTurbo - 08-21-2015 07:14 AM

Don't know how familiar you guys are with this band, as they were a local band that has been a favorite of mine for a bit now and they are just now breaking out onto the alternative scene.

Twenty One Pilots.

Killer Song. Killer Video.

RE: Music thread - TheTurbolessTurbo - 08-26-2015 08:55 AM

For any of the garage rock/pop punk fans out there

RE: Music thread - gas23 - 08-26-2015 01:07 PM

I'll be honest I don't consider the Artic Monkey's pop punk... alternative fur sure. I can def hear it in that song though
anyway pop punk is my shit lol here's more

RE: Music thread - TheTurbolessTurbo - 08-27-2015 06:35 AM


They will be the future of the scene. ^^^

"Rock Bottom" is my favorite of theirs

And about the AM pop punk comment, agreed. Their new stuff is definitely alternative rock, but their old stuff is just <3

recently been jamming to The Fratellis

RE: Music thread - gas23 - 08-27-2015 12:58 PM

dude I wish Neck Deep would be the future but their guitarist just left because of some nasty allegation's towards him... (now for my opinion on this) at the time they were both minors, sounds like high school to me.

Speaking of the Fratellis, this song was my ringtone for all of middle shcool lol, and still one of my favorite songs

RE: Music thread - TheTurbolessTurbo - 08-27-2015 01:14 PM

Man I had no idea about that with Neck Deep...

Seems lacking evidence, but hey, we will see.

Chelsea Dagger <3

My recent obsession over the past couple months has been Royal Blood, got to see them live at the Bunbury Festival as it started raining at the end. Awesome band.

RE: Music thread - gas23 - 08-30-2015 04:21 AM

yea idk about that whole thing... I mean it apparently happened 3 yrs ago, yet she waits till they have an album that actually reaches popular charts to bring it up.

better news, new wavves

RE: Music thread - TheTurbolessTurbo - 08-31-2015 02:27 AM

^^^ I am digging this. A lot. A lot, A lot. I'll have to check them out.

One of my favorite bands doing one of my favorite performances of one of my favorite songs. The solo in this is just too sick.

Plus Nick Valensi's Epiphone Riviera is just tooooo sexy. Still in the market to find one on ebay lol.

RE: Music thread - HellaStockCD7 - 09-01-2015 02:11 AM

Lol this song tho

RE: Music thread - TheTurbolessTurbo - 09-08-2015 04:24 AM

bringing the thread back with some good stuff