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Cockhouse Garage - C1500 - 02-08-2018 03:48 AM

Welcome to Cockhouse Garage, formerly HellaStockCD7 Garage. For those who don't know, (which is probably pretty much everyone) I lost access to my old account quite some time ago. I made this new one and have kind of kept mostly inactive for awhile lacking motivation and creativity due to some negative occurrences in my personal life. I have like 30 something WIPs (no shit) I'm hoping to finish up and post as the year goes on. Also have converted a few files here and there I'm wanting to polish off and release into the community. Any questions or comments, I'm happy to answer. Enjoy...


[Image: Oriy8bC.jpg]
[Image: Z1ba7LD.jpg]
[Image: VvauAH2.jpg]

RE: Cockhouse Garage - C1500 - 04-28-2018 10:35 AM

[Image: y7pQyCS.jpg]
[Image: co19JLQ.jpg]

RE: Cockhouse Garage - C1500 - 05-01-2018 10:46 AM

[Image: dmbzJtu.jpg]
[Image: zANtKz9.jpg]
[Image: JnG6f2D.jpg]
[Image: JOCiviR.jpg]
[Image: IvEqEM4.jpg]
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RE: Cockhouse Garage - C1500 - 06-16-2018 02:03 AM

[Image: brWBlvz.jpg]
[Image: mImCaNR.jpg]
[Image: jFG2Q9t.jpg]
[Image: fDS2FkV.jpg]
[Image: xlbDtLz.jpg]
[Image: 9lgFR2W.jpg]
[Image: E41apSy.jpg]
[Image: 4rFRFRa.jpg]
[Image: iqhU3nR.jpg]
[Image: pzHEGxP.jpg]

[Image: FFAE1y8.jpg]
[Image: 3BkmFVa.jpg]
[Image: piQUm46.jpg]
[Image: YmNAcwF.jpg]

RE: Cockhouse Garage - C1500 - 06-16-2018 11:22 AM

[Image: 5cJhDGf.jpg]
[Image: E48kI1j.jpg]
[Image: saDw9ww.jpg]
[Image: BuFN0KD.jpg]
[Image: 83AbHSL.jpg]
[Image: QvrMs9Q.jpg]
[Image: QEnbOCv.jpg]
[Image: ZDeTk8H.jpg]
[Image: zUGQfDk.jpg]
[Image: 2D8CGmo.jpg]

[Image: xlAoqHF.jpg]
[Image: KFUgWGS.jpg]
[Image: 15GCohu.jpg]
[Image: BBo4RZ2.jpg]
[Image: wr0BwLB.jpg]
[Image: TZ3jxjJ.jpg]

RE: Cockhouse Garage - C1500 - 07-15-2018 07:01 AM

So this happened... Yes that's a Slab S13. For those that don't know what a 'Slab' is, look into the Houston, TX car scene. I converted the Swangas and the 5th wheel. Credit for existing files where it is due. Only a few screenshots because S-Tuner was being a dick and my car disappeared. i have the file saved, may work on it more and post later on.

[Image: Fcw7oxQ.jpg]
[Image: udf78qd.jpg]
[Image: nqW9ou0.jpg]

Rest in pepperoni Sad
[Image: hsMYpt8.jpg]