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Pixel Car Racer Thread - donoteat - 09-24-2016 01:24 AM

I wonder who plays PCR here?
if you guys played it, why don't you share your builds?

RE: Pixel Car Racer Thread - gred - 09-24-2016 11:08 AM

lots of ppls here used to play it quite alot me included,nearly noone do now because it got repeative and boring lmao.about sharing the builds,cbf taking pics of it and import them from phone to pc and shit,atleast in my case

also wasnt there a thread about pcr already?

RE: Pixel Car Racer Thread - MazdaSpeed_Life - 09-24-2016 04:04 PM

Does anyone play Drift Spirits? IMO, it's 3x better than pixel car racer. It was removed from the American market but you can still get it from aptoide. Only downside is that it is in Japanese so it can be slightly hard to figure out for those who can't read it, but it is still quite obvious what each menu is.

[Image: muetsl.jpg]
[Image: 5fBvNTvh.jpg]

RE: Pixel Car Racer Thread - Cooper - 09-25-2016 01:14 AM

I used to play drift spirits but updating the japanese version got annoying so I gave up

RE: Pixel Car Racer Thread - robcats3 - 08-23-2017 09:01 PM

Hmm... that is really interestng

RE: Pixel Car Racer Thread - MaryASalls - 08-26-2017 06:40 PM

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