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GIF Showcase - Kaza-MR2 - 08-27-2016 06:21 AM

This thread is for posting GIFs made from S-tuner.

I made this GIF of the LEDs pattern on my VIP Crown. (✧ω✧)

[Image: crown_gif_rear_by_kazamr2-dafh7eu.gif]

RE: GIF Showcase - PhinIt2WinIt - 09-09-2016 03:30 PM

So this is a really crappy attempt at making a GIF of one of my old pictures..

[Image: M9KWDlt.gif]

(And yes, that's a Z33 with an R34 front end)

RE: GIF Showcase - Kaza-MR2 - 10-16-2016 03:30 AM

Here's a gif of my latest build. It's a rather basic one again aha.

[Image: neons_by_kazamr2-dal6kd4.gif]

RE: GIF Showcase - CraX - 01-18-2017 09:02 PM

Dude, how do you make such amazing GIFs? Everything I find does it low res, or reduces the image quality to a bare mess of jpeg

RE: GIF Showcase - Kaza-MR2 - 03-05-2017 02:59 AM

@CraX: Use this, it's where I make my gifs.

Here's my latest two GIFs of my Mazoria Scafell VIP RX8. (・∀・)

[Image: mazoria_scafell_vip_rx8_gif_1_by_kazamr2-db15ffm.gif][Image: mazoria_scafell_vip_rx8_gif_2_by_kazamr2-db15fg6.gif]