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不 滅 天 皇 | Harukimaru's Garage ^^ - Harukimaru - 08-26-2016 07:06 AM


Hi, I'm Harukimaru, & welcome to the garage of one of the team members Immortal Emperors!

Some information about me:
I live in Russia, in the north, and specifically in the city of Saint Petersburg.
Specifically, the site's, I met at the beginning of 2015, but he did it pretty specific things ahah. At the moment I finish school, and particularly the 11th grade, and time to work almost does not remain.

Hopefully, looking at the garage, you will not remain indifferent :-)

[Image: 7A40Rpci1hI.jpg][Image: H1zBzEsdgM0.jpg][Image: pKE5MWKTmR4.jpg][Image: U6B8LJrOITE.jpg][Image: ENf3__X-pQY.jpg][Image: IazSFEH8Hdc.jpg][Image: KngHisZJPC4.jpg][Image: CeN2SZxdTns.jpg]

[Image: 3EfaPM-1wTM.jpg][Image: U0w-OWobzAU.jpg][Image: idJQpo3OJQM.jpg][Image: 7fAsa8Jjzeo.jpg][Image: px5BsGAtutM.jpg][Image: UJQZEgCbZj8.jpg][Image: lCwQHCVMSew.jpg][Image: BDOg2LIL6fE.jpg]

[Image: zZAOgGNeRCk.jpg][Image: U4wbWyEGeXY.jpg][Image: 7IV2h4jLjWA.jpg][Image: 1yKEK95JL1A.jpg]

[Image: xp3LT-CyAvU.jpg][Image: gIpKrdQ8Yv4.jpg][Image: Xq3oEV1Pxh4.jpg][Image: M5GUQeUvBhA.jpg][Image: S9P04XTYKaI.jpg][Image: N70-jGPV0ws.jpg][Image: -b_VgYZTDwA.jpg][Image: XHKnZow7o94.jpg]

[Image: q8RaPhJftz4.jpg][Image: 3yO6vYpwAhQ.jpg][Image: _9C9OLNTgrY.jpg][Image: _3Gn7BAxqLY.jpg][Image: aqK7Z2SVX34.jpg][Image: A4H1JsOKU9E.jpg]

[Image: vhCnBcEAzkE.jpg][Image: GH9FFL15iLI.jpg][Image: G2pHbEx9KpQ.jpg][Image: 1NB6j-W-KcM.jpg][Image: QJDEqfmXq00.jpg][Image: XUqtgFu_x7c.jpg][Image: b5gzi47oaWk.jpg][Image: efOvu4077nQ.jpg]

[Image: gZC4UR_ztdY.jpg][Image: L7nBDhNmSlk.jpg][Image: G5lSQL7fipA.jpg][Image: YMVfk3WDFA4.jpg][Image: OJ73BCRk3l4.jpg][Image: FgEmnCtwbak.jpg][Image: --vIsU_sMpA.jpg][Image: SGYBgyLdm9o.jpg]

[Image: m2Hp6SBqLw4.jpg]
[Image: uW5EGasJ-Bg.jpg]
[Image: xJsapcICz4U.jpg][Image: ZoXUc499jlI.jpg][Image: RhgRmZ2rh4I.jpg][Image: YyT6RhYB_B4.jpg]

RE: 不 滅 天 皇 | Harukimaru's Garage ^^ - PTARIStyle - 08-26-2016 07:41 AM

Love the Ab Flug FD. Welcome!

RE: 不 滅 天 皇 | Harukimaru's Garage ^^ - Harukimaru - 08-28-2016 02:50 PM

[Image: bRl_ftLf_9o.jpg][Image: 0QkLhnE0uio.jpg][Image: rKoZMlQFCKc.jpg][Image: 0ahSS7PFJuQ.jpg][Image: ZYmxj-ufUVk.jpg][Image: SkW6hhLgFuY.jpg][Image: 6xYi7Rou53I.jpg][Image: E0f6O_9Utjc.jpg]

RE: 不 滅 天 皇 | Harukimaru's Garage ^^ - Harukimaru - 09-07-2016 08:25 AM

[Image: cLSKxiE1ve0.jpg][Image: PZXoentMlk4.jpg][Image: Rm7YogPHWjw.jpg][Image: b0moeugdQLY.jpg][Image: h06yol-9Zqc.jpg][Image: iiLimqkbop8.jpg][Image: ad46B33PaZo.jpg][Image: WQ2dEn3zQ6w.jpg]

RE: 不 滅 天 皇 | Harukimaru's Garage ^^ - airborneimpreza - 09-11-2016 11:52 PM

Great job on these

RE: 不 滅 天 皇 | Harukimaru's Garage ^^ - Harukimaru - 09-13-2016 07:36 AM

[Image: yMpkX1RRdlU.jpg][Image: GM-Ccr8gN8g.jpg][Image: OV7WB22jAWs.jpg][Image: epFIUKwplvc.jpg][Image: kB4PXCDb4ss.jpg][Image: uPiEl8jvPes.jpg][Image: fVovGo3vOMk.jpg][Image: TSim_WVLy6A.jpg]

RE: 不 滅 天 皇 | Harukimaru's Garage ^^ - dariushbabri - 05-07-2018 09:44 PM

i play forza horizon 3 so good game for who loving nfs

RE: 不 滅 天 皇 | Harukimaru's Garage ^^ - aradak - 07-31-2018 04:59 PM

your hard work pays off
keep on it bro Heart