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STUNER Data Usage? - CaptainCheez - 08-20-2016 12:46 PM

Hello everyone. I want to ask about how much data does 1 car built in stuner use. I once built this Civic. It wasnt very detailed, it didnt even have an engine. The only imported part I used was an LCA. Apparently, that used up 100-120MB of data. Is there something else responsible for consuming such data? And no, i didnt have any other tabs open. I'm using chrome btw.

RE: STUNER Data Usage? - Admin - 08-22-2016 10:12 AM

Shouldn't be anywhere near that.

I just did a quick test, From loading the Tab to having a built S13 was under 5MB.

using chrome, press F12 and goto the Network tab and you can see how much is actually being used.