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Car Showcase - 0_0Paulk - 05-21-2016 05:21 AM

not sure where to share these but 4.3mb fle loaded right up! (Galaxy S5).

[Image: peWs36Qh.png]

[Image: UhNa4zgh.png]

edit: dinosaurs work too
[Image: 7eA50iqh.png]

RE: Car Showcase - CaptainCheez - 05-25-2016 12:44 AM

My drifter:
[Image: bh9vl.jpg]
(5 minutes later... "Niko, lets go bowling!")

RE: Car Showcase - Slick69ness - 06-04-2016 07:32 AM

Why do I need to purchase my own build after I add more than two imports?

RE: Car Showcase - SoFlyTy - 06-17-2016 10:13 AM

you could always just reconnect the phone to the computer and replace the two .3dt files with two other ones. Having more than two is an option.

RE: Car Showcase - 0_0Paulk - 06-18-2016 04:37 PM

^^this^^ I keep my builds in a seperate folder on my phone and move them to the Drift Tuner folder whenever I want to drive a certain one. But it doesn't hurt to throw the creator some cash to help pay for improvements!

RE: Car Showcase - donoteat - 07-17-2016 04:30 PM

My mazda Miata
[Image: 2mdgygk.jpg]

RE: Car Showcase - Cholo_145 - 07-22-2018 07:45 PM

Where can I download cars??