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Season 3 RD 6: Final Round Freestyle ( Non - Graphics ) - YoDonny - 03-30-2016 09:59 AM


Our theme for this month will be completely up to you to decide. As out final round, builders will be going inside their own minds to conjure whatever ideas come forth. It is the last round of the season. Put forth your best efforts for the final push to the top spot!

  • Cars aren't limited to S-Tuner. Commo/Falcon cars are allowed as well.
  • No outside .3dt cars, but parts from said cars are allowed and or front end or rear end swaps.

Comp will run until 18th / 19th of April @ 12 A.M CST time.

RE: Season 3 RD 6: Final Round Freestyle ( Non - Graphics ) - AllOfTheCars - 03-30-2016 02:47 PM

Even though I haven't entered, I figured why not... I forgot if there is a picture limit, so I am putting some of my best... It is a racing Toyota Land Cruiser with a turbo 1UZ... I put a lot of work into this, and it took a lot longer than I had expected
[Image: 4runner%20race%208_zpsf6ycmdzg.jpg]
[Image: 4runner%20race%209_zpsxljxbiex.jpg]
[Image: 4runner%20race%207_zpsffirhxwz.jpg]
[Image: 4runner%20race%206_zpsvnu1xrrj.jpg]
[Image: 4runner%20race%2010_zpsbvnwb6uo.jpg]

RE: Season 3 RD 6: Final Round Freestyle ( Non - Graphics ) - MazdaSpeed_Life - 04-06-2016 03:04 PM


[Image: fthVTqkh.jpg?2]
[Image: fTBN8Buh.jpg?2]
[Image: dsjogG3h.jpg?2]
[Image: EjlqXsYh.jpg?1]
[Image: WP5deebh.jpg?1]

RE: Season 3 RD 6: Final Round Freestyle ( Non - Graphics ) - Kaza-MR2 - 04-07-2016 07:30 AM

Kaza's ABFlug JZA80

[Image: kaza_s_abflug_jza80_1_by_kazamr2-d9y2oew.png][Image: kaza_s_abflug_jza80_2_by_kazamr2-d9y2ofa.png][Image: kaza_s_abflug_jza80_3_by_kazamr2-d9y2opz.png][Image: kaza_s_abflug_jza80_4_by_kazamr2-d9y2og7.png][Image: kaza_s_abflug_jza80_5_by_kazamr2-d9y2ogj.png][Image: kaza_s_abflug_jza80_6_by_kazamr2-d9y2ogz.png][Image: kaza_s_abflug_jza80_7_by_kazamr2-d9y2ohc.png][Image: kaza_s_abflug_jza80_8_by_kazamr2-d9y2ohm.png][Image: kaza_s_abflug_jza80_9_by_kazamr2-d9y2ohy.png][Image: kaza_s_abflug_jza80_10_by_kazamr2-d9y2oi8.png]

[Image: kaza_s_abflug_jza80_11_by_kazamr2-d9y2oja.png][Image: kaza_s_abflug_jza80_12_by_kazamr2-d9y2oju.png][Image: kaza_s_abflug_jza80_13_by_kazamr2-d9y2okg.png][Image: kaza_s_abflug_jza80_14_by_kazamr2-d9y2okw.png][Image: kaza_s_abflug_jza80_15_by_kazamr2-d9y2ol5.png][Image: kaza_s_abflug_jza80_16_by_kazamr2-d9y2olb.png][Image: kaza_s_abflug_jza80_17_by_kazamr2-d9y2olo.png][Image: kaza_s_abflug_jza80_18_by_kazamr2-d9y2om1.png][Image: kaza_s_abflug_jza80_19_by_kazamr2-d9y2omb.png][Image: kaza_s_abflug_jza80_20_by_kazamr2-d9y2omp.png]

RE: Season 3 RD 6: Final Round Freestyle ( Non - Graphics ) - CWiseman_21 - 04-20-2016 03:02 AM

My Wangan spec R34, this was a bit of a last-minute build, but the whole package works well.

(I think I'm still safe to enter as the competition hasn't been officially closed...)

[Image: 26432539302_8a8be7aef1_h.jpg]

[Image: 26252017340_fb554c4254_h.jpg]

[Image: 26524865925_79f9007c1f_h.jpg]

[Image: 26458779371_58606891bc_h.jpg]

[Image: 26498920136_37ed5bf28c_h.jpg]

[Image: 25921987043_2d7595b2cf_h.jpg]