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HellaStockCD7 Garage - HellaStockCD7 - 09-16-2015 12:28 PM


Decided to start my own garage, I don't know why I haven't done this sooner lol. Hope you folks enjoy my builds.


Stance 1997 Honda CR-V. Turbo B20B. 5spd transmission. 2 12" subs and 10,000 watt amp. -5° camber on the front and -10° on the rear. Color matched steering wheel and interior accents. Yakima roof rack. Sitting on 16" CCW LM5Ts. Enjoy.

[Image: YOAIFaQ.jpg]
[Image: YETVUjY.jpg]
[Image: pUMFB5h.jpg]
[Image: ynxfhpb.jpg]
[Image: z4Ur926.jpg]
[Image: 46oOZJV.jpg]
[Image: uDiYaFY.jpg]
[Image: au0eiHU.jpg]
[Image: hbsO9QN.jpg]
[Image: hbsO9QN.jpg]

[Image: NSHGJCO.jpg]
[Image: nLukZXF.jpg]
[Image: jiwcZ2z.jpg]
[Image: 8mk2sFv.jpg]
[Image: VWerGZy.jpg]
[Image: xuwKwVI.jpg]
[Image: upWCV4r.jpg]
[Image: GDWrRuo.jpg]
[Image: gmqdNhe.jpg]

RE: HellaStockCD7 Garage - HellaStockCD7 - 09-23-2015 01:26 PM

1993 Nissan 240SX. I decided I wanted to keep the car clean as I thought it would suit it real nicely and I think it does just that. Gave the car a RB26DETT, hope you folks enjoy.

[Image: jShF3su.jpg]
[Image: wMtEFQP.jpg]
[Image: RAg51Yj.jpg]
[Image: jrmqYpt.jpg]
[Image: pe3c1sw.jpg]
[Image: rLqm0ZM.jpg]
[Image: oDfopT9.jpg]
[Image: ywS13lC.jpg]
[Image: 4lfsI7O.jpg]
[Image: vmRwOw7.jpg]

[Image: OPkzgRi.jpg]
[Image: iuQwpF9.jpg]
[Image: jcUEg5k.jpg]
[Image: LFW6eML.jpg]

RE: HellaStockCD7 Garage - HellaStockCD7 - 09-27-2015 04:11 AM

1995 Nissan 240SX

-Rocket Bunny V2 "Boss" Front
-195/45 tires stretched over 16X10 American Racing Sprint Rims
-10° Camber All 4 Wheels
-Recaro Racing Seats w/ Takata 5-point Harnesses
-Custom Steering Wheel (Thank You RoadKill Garage)
-Half Cage
-LS Swapped
-Blast Pipes
-Carbon Fiber Accents
-Mettalic Grey w/ Orange Accents

Had a lot of fun building this car. Decided I wanted add a lot of American touches, and wanted something I would absolutely love to drive in real life. LS swaps are real popular in the states more than likely due to there huge accessibility. I don't know why everyone is so against them. But, I didn't want this car to be any different, but wanted to create something original.

I've invested about 5 hours altogether into this build. Hope you guys enjoy it.

[Image: UYdQMUb.jpg]
[Image: AWmGEXd.jpg]
[Image: O47xxhz.jpg]
[Image: IxSlQyp.jpg]
[Image: JcFFWI3.jpg]
[Image: QuRR7AD.jpg]
[Image: vNVeYZF.jpg]
[Image: cmEHc7O.jpg]
[Image: YVd780m.jpg]
[Image: qenpTZT.jpg]

[Image: nvYKZG6.jpg]
[Image: gvb8Cyb.jpg]
[Image: Etb0MA9.jpg]
[Image: iqYMTAo.jpg]
[Image: t1cp8s2.jpg]

RE: HellaStockCD7 Garage - HellaStockCD7 - 10-01-2015 02:36 PM

2000 Honda Civic LX

-195/40 Tires Stretched Around 16x10" Gold CCW D11L w/ Chrome Lip and -5° Camber All Four Wheels
-Domani/EL Front End Conversion
-Turbo D16Z6
-GReddy Intercooler
-Strut Brace
-4" Burnt Tip Exhaust
-Japanese Rising Sun Valve Cover
-5 speed Manual Transmission
-Custom Steering Wheel Color Matched To Car
-Mettalic Green w/ Tan Interior
-Custom Windshield Banner

Wanted to make a low, but functional car. Put a bit of thought into this build, pretty happy with the way everything turned out. Hope you guys enjoy it.

[Image: IC17xhb.jpg]
[Image: 9MAT3F9.jpg]
[Image: jxSumSQ.jpg]
[Image: whl7rGP.jpg]
[Image: E1y1kQA.jpg]
[Image: S0QeNe0.jpg]
[Image: EimYKQo.jpg]
[Image: 6F00IQ5.jpg]
[Image: PuB9JXT.jpg]
[Image: TYYQtPL.jpg]

[Image: J2B42YT.jpg]
[Image: 7xrYP6J.jpg]
[Image: tp1ixxy.jpg]
[Image: ZPkDZi6.jpg]
[Image: 4Ndfw52.jpg]

RE: HellaStockCD7 Garage - HellaStockCD7 - 10-04-2015 02:02 PM

2005 Dodge Neon SRT-4

-Carbon Fiber Hood & Trunk Lid
-Rear Spoiler Delete
-195/40 tires stretched over 17X9.5 Rims
-Negative 5° Camber on the Rear and Negative 2° on the Front Wheels
-Recaro Racing Seats w/ 5-point Harnesses
-Custom Steering Wheel
-Half Cage
-Full 4" Single Exhaust
-SRT Intercooler
-Color Matched Engine Accents
-Yellow Fog Lights
-Moderately Lowered

Glad I got done with this when I did, S-Tuner took a shit on me as I was taking the last pictures. Anyways, I tried to keep close attention to detail for this build as usually I end up forget to add/change something so I'm pretty pleased with the final outcome even though I didn't get all the pictures I wanted to. This build was a bit challenging as I had to modify a few things to make the car look a little better. Built this over a span of about 2 days. Hope you folks enjoy.

[Image: 2DZKpFP.jpg]
[Image: csAWUqS.jpg]
[Image: 16FlBxS.jpg]
[Image: dQ0UKlr.jpg]
[Image: 1dqsGBm.jpg]
[Image: kq0KMcT.jpg]
[Image: DY9Szyd.jpg]
[Image: lmuPdnX.jpg]
[Image: wLGeOCr.jpg]

[Image: UcjKt9O.jpg]
[Image: lc6yBcN.jpg]
[Image: rQJvOas.jpg]
[Image: mgbUTOz.jpg]
[Image: 34f0vC4.jpg]
[Image: xhPFLTi.jpg]

First it started lagging to godly hell, then this happened . Idk why the radiator decided to stay everything else left lol.

[Image: RoDzjjJ.jpg]

RE: HellaStockCD7 Garage - airborneimpreza - 10-05-2015 11:06 PM

Lovely work on that man, first time I got to appreciate those cars Smile

RE: HellaStockCD7 Garage - HellaStockCD7 - 10-09-2015 02:05 AM

Thanks bro. Really appreciate it.

RE: HellaStockCD7 Garage - HellaStockCD7 - 10-10-2015 03:20 PM

1996 Nissan 240SX


- KA24DE-T
- Mishimoto Intercooler
- Gold Valve Cover
- Chromed Headers & Intake
- Blast Pipes w/ Burnt Tips

- 5 Speed Manual

- 215/40 Tires Wrapped Around 17X10 Work Carving Head Wheels On The Front and 225/40 Tires Wrapped Around 17X12 On The Rear
- Gold Spokes w/ Chrome Lip
- -6° Camber On The Front and -10° On the Rear
- Absolutely Dumped, Rocker Panels Sit 1" to 1½" From Ground

- Mint Green
- White Engine Bay
- Tinted Windows
- Kouki Tails
- Carbon Fiber Zenki Front Lip
- Rolled Fenders

- Grip Royal White & Gold Steering Wheel

Today, I bring you an absolutely dumped 240SX. Probably going to receive some hate from the camber haters. Took me about 3 to 4 days altogether to build this thing. Got inspiration from another dumped S14 I saw on Twitter. Liked the way it looked and figured I'd give it a go. Also had a thing for these wheels and wanted a car to use them on, I feel like this car can pull them off. Performance was probably an overkill for a stance car but why choose between function and form? Anyway, enjoy folks.

[Image: E4aGJZz.jpg]
[Image: R4BNfpl.jpg]
[Image: osb6KlB.jpg]
[Image: TVcE5Q4.jpg]
[Image: 4hDnMt9.jpg]
[Image: TkwW4H3.jpg]
[Image: jAI2id1.jpg]
[Image: HlIVHGf.jpg]
[Image: 1kmXofv.jpg]
[Image: 13slxaC.jpg]

[Image: ePhQ10T.jpg]
[Image: DU9n3pA.jpg]
[Image: S0reevr.jpg]
[Image: QxNje7l.jpg]
[Image: mHMD3uU.jpg]
[Image: 7AR7BZ0.jpg]

[Image: 6J1tV3J.jpg]
[Image: Kf5bJrA.jpg]

RE: HellaStockCD7 Garage - HellaStockCD7 - 10-12-2015 01:27 PM

1990 Mazda Miata


- Factory I4 1.6L B6ZE(RS)
- Race Intake
- Strut Bar
- Turbonetics Turbo & Intercooler
- Exhaust Runs Out Hood


- 5 Speed Manual


- 205/40 Tires Stretched Around 15X10 SSR Longchamps XR4
- -2° Camber All Four Wheels
- Lowered Suspension


- Red w/ White Racing Stripes
- PitCrew Cobra Front End Conversion
- Ducktail Spoiler
- Miata Roof Bikini
- Fairlady Z Style Mirrors
- Carbon Fiber Front Splitter, Fender Flares & Rear Diffuser


- Converted To RHD
- Custom Race Cluster
- Recaro Seat w/ Takata 5 Point Harness
- Stripped Interior for Weight Reduction
- Custom Racing Steering Wheel
- Roll Bar

Started on this build yesterday, again came across a car on Twitter that made want to build my own version. However, I took a different approach to this build, wanted this one to be more focused on performance. Hope you folks like it.

[Image: rGGcKRS.jpg]
[Image: HsXRrC2.jpg]
[Image: QT7vkp0.jpg]
[Image: sgCzp2i.jpg]
[Image: mOo7WFy.jpg]
[Image: RMYCt71.jpg]
[Image: ayZkS8c.jpg]
[Image: tQkRXS3.jpg]
[Image: lPLWowi.jpg]
[Image: iIxMxZX.jpg]

[Image: 0Ec7lD3.jpg]
[Image: WkTSruC.jpg]
[Image: zmsb16a.jpg]
[Image: ScgJH0y.jpg]
[Image: ospO4Vo.jpg]
[Image: qLbCQZo.jpg]

RE: HellaStockCD7 Garage - HellaStockCD7 - 10-16-2015 12:40 PM

1997 Honda Civic CX


- Turboed B18A2
- Mishimoto Intercooler
- Chrome Intake and Headers
- 4" Exhaust

- 5 Speed Manual

- 195/45 tires wrapped around 16X8.5 Work GT-Cs
- -2° Camber All Four Wheels
- Gold Finish Strut Bar
- Gold Finish Lower Control Arm
- Lowered 2" to 2½"

- OEM Dark Amethyst Pearl
- Gold Valve Cover
- Carbon Fiber Ducktail Wing
- Carbon Fiber Hood
- Front Lip

- AP2 Cluster (2004-9 S2000)
- Recaro Racing Seat w/ Takata Belts
- Custom Steering Wheel
- Half Cage
- Weight Reduction

Loosely based on a friend of mines car. Hope you all like it.

[Image: VbuHrd2.jpg]
[Image: r04yr85.jpg]
[Image: Yh9ooIG.jpg]
[Image: uBQdrmn.jpg]
[Image: I6ZfwnY.jpg]
[Image: PE86GZd.jpg]
[Image: NEdXLHz.jpg]
[Image: NLn09I8.jpg]
[Image: 36zkvxt.jpg]
[Image: HaQdpIC.jpg]

[Image: 7CjUfjx.jpg]
[Image: I0AOMIj.jpg]
[Image: NE0xrKY.jpg]
[Image: uIc8xCW.jpg]
[Image: 4wTyqxB.jpg]
[Image: qVSwaYu.jpg]