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Base Model Fitment - HeyDayJordan - 09-07-2015 01:37 PM


New start. I'll be doing a series on this thread in which I go for that full on camber look on cheap cars. If you have any questions or ideas on my next build, please comment below. I don't mind negative comments & will answer them as much as I can, but I will not tolerate coarse language here thank you. Lets keep this as a fun stance thread & if you have a huge dislike toward stance, please ignore this thread. Thanks.

Ep. 1 Slammed Lancer
Today we're starting over with a slammed Lancer. Yes, it's only a base model car, but man car we go much lower with that stock kit. Check out the "mega camber" on them deep dishes. I'm not a fan of the color red myself, but it really stands out on this build. Long tip straight pipes are a thing here.

[Image: 1441_zps5t6reznm.jpg]
[Image: 1442_zpsn48n1pay.jpg]
[Image: 1443_zps9okx5ckj.jpg]

RE: Garage Success - HeyDayJordan - 09-07-2015 08:44 PM

Ep. 2 EG Civic Coupe
With this build I didn't want it to stand out as much as the Lancer. We still have quite a load of offset and camber, however the overall look of the car still looks a lot more simple. I've given it a nice large spoiler and color-coded the rub strips on the bumper & sides.

[Image: 1444_zpsrliv5beu.jpg]
[Image: 1445_zpscdl64tm6.jpg]
[Image: 1446_zpsrutqdgs8.jpg]

RE: Garage Success - HeyDayJordan - 09-07-2015 09:52 PM

Ep. 3 GC Wagon

In this episode we'll be building a leaf scraping project from a GC Impreza wagon.
This first scene shows the progress so far. It came with some gunmetal 15" Rota mags which really made it look quite tidy, but I wanted more as this car just didn't look enough to me. I purchased a set of custom made 18" 5 spokes which were extremely wide for this car. I had some coilovers put in, threw in a load of camber & tried to slam it, but they would not tuck. I decided to go on the flared guard road & cut the front guards straight away.
[Image: 1447_zpsvhlrvgta.jpg]
The second scene shows us a little more progress from the second day into the build. I've rid the car of the front bumper, bonnet, grille & rear spoiler. The headlights eventually get taken off also, due to some nice upgrades.
[Image: 1448_zpsjwdowxck.jpg]
We now have a 22b bonnet & front bar, WRX headlights, WRX grille, CS rear flares & some CS skirts installed.
[Image: 1449_zps6p3drnbf.jpg]
Half a week later & she's looking a whole lot different. We now have the 22b front bar replaced with a CS bar to fit properly with the new front flares. A large rear wang for no other reason than to look good, evened out the coils to fit the rear wheels & the last addition is the obvious custom glossy paint-job. We would have gone with a metallic look, but due to some technical difficulties we had to go gloss.
[Image: 1450_zps2oddwdsf.jpg]
[Image: 1451_zps3d51qbc4.jpg]
Hard-parked at the local BP.
[Image: 1452_zpss08nhytt.jpg]

RE: Garage Success - HeyDayJordan - 09-08-2015 10:54 AM

Ep. 4 Dem Squats Doe!
Dude rolled up at a meet today. Really loved the unique look of his Micra/March, so we drove to our studio in the rear of our garage to take a shoot.
[Image: 1453_zpsnu2smnc3.jpg]
[Image: 1454_zpsxuhdbwu1.jpg]
[Image: 1455_zpsu5i2q0o8.jpg]

RE: HDJ \\\BASE MODEL FITMENT [Side Thread] - airborneimpreza - 09-08-2015 02:44 PM

Loving this unique series bro! Maybe you could do something like a "boxtype" lancer EX or KE70 corolla next time? Wink

RE: Garage Success - HeyDayJordan - 09-08-2015 10:32 PM

(09-08-2015 02:44 PM)airborneimpreza Wrote:  Loving this unique series bro! Maybe you could do something like a "boxtype" lancer EX or KE70 corolla next time? Wink

Bro, thanks very much man. Appreciate it. Just really, thanks man! You encourage me a lot with how much effort you put into your builds & just looking at your garage thread earlier on this afternoon just makes me go wow as I keep staring at single images at a time trying to figure out all the little details you add. Them custom paintjobs, the interiors & then right down to how you edit all them images. Man, you get so many images & they all look good. Keep it up bro! There's a +1 coming your way from me.

Also, everyone, sorry I haven't taken my time to notice or comment or be active as much as I used to. I'm almost 21 now. I was 19 when I joined the S-Tuner forums & seeing people improve so much makes me want to improve more, but just saying that makes me see how addicted I can get to things, which also explains why I don't game or do S-Tuner vids much anymore. At the moment I'm trying to save for a new GoPro Hero 3 or 4 to help me to get my YouTube channel built up more. I'll be getting more Car Mods, Vlogs, Gaming vids etc. added to my channel more frequently in the near future, maybe in less than a year as I wait for the high-speed broadband to be installed in our area.

& with that being said guys, I'd like you all to also know that this thread will be my main thread from now on. My last one was getting crowded with lower grade builds & I think I can improve over them. I'll try my best & will maybe change the thread name to suit more of a variety of builds. Anyway enjoy this last build for the day! Smile

Ep. 5 EX Lancer

Well guys, here she is. As requested by airborneimpreza, this EX Lancer was a quick build I'll admit, but also for a reason. I was going to add a whole heap of stuff, but I fell in love with it not long into building it. Simple yet attractive I'd like to say.
[Image: 1458_zpsdbvefdd7.jpg]
[Image: 1459_zpsomnq5ggk.jpg]
[Image: 1460_zpsyidezrqv.jpg]
[Image: 1461_zps10dk71d4.jpg]

RE: HDJ \\\BASE MODEL FITMENT [My New Main Thread] - airborneimpreza - 09-09-2015 02:48 AM

Thank you too bro! I appreciate all your kind words, and I look forward to more of your builds!

Don't worry man, I fully understand how we all should prioritize more important things in life ahead of building. The Lancer rocks btw! Looking forward for more Smile

RE: HDJ \\\BASE MODEL FITMENT [My New Main Thread] - Mitchellol - 09-11-2015 02:52 AM

Clean builds!

RE: Garage Success - HeyDayJordan - 10-17-2015 10:38 PM


I'm back briefly just to post this pic. Just an little idea I had for an MX-5.
[Image: 1462_zpsqjzjddjs.jpg]

RE: Garage Success - HeyDayJordan - 12-07-2015 07:08 PM

[Image: 1468_zpsdj20tmjg.jpg]