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Full Version: Environment & Function Requests
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Post your Environment & Function Requests Here

To ADMIN, would you be able to create a 3D Petrol Station environment?
I know it'll take a while to make one, but it'll be worth the wait.
Didnt check facebook before posting that did you? Tongue
[Image: DDpJwGOl.jpg]
(09-30-2014 03:18 PM)Admin Wrote: [ -> ][Image: DDpJwGOl.jpg]

lol sorry, haha I thought it was just a background pic. haha thanks ADMIN! I guess waiting is over-rated Tongue
I've changed the topic of this thread from "Environment Requests" to "Environment & Function Requests" as there there are some ideas floating around in the community for useful functions for the Customisation sites.
This will be separate from the "Missing Parts / Bug Report Thread" as Missing Parts pretty much have to do with missing car parts, whereas this thread will have to do will the addition of new functions.

One useful function could be the addition of Undo/Redo buttons.
loving the petrol station, cant wait

if it was somehow possible to make a Daikoku PA or Tatsumi PA areas that'd be pretty awesome, though likely a lot of work to look accurate aha

ah, would it also be possible to make the white lines on the car park not be floating? because at low angles its really visible
A car wash environment would be cool.

[Image: CarWash_SelfServeBays.jpg]
[Image: elysianpark.jpg]
Can we get something like Elysian Park? Just like a two lane blacktop with a nice setting, have the cars be parked crooked like the Lowriders do on Sunday afternoons.
this one may push it a bit, but what about a busy highway

[Image: stock-footage-busy-highway-in-los-angeles-may.jpg]

Also a driveway with an open garage, but please just a normal looking house and not a super rich home
Pretty creepy request... But the ability to move Johnny's limbs etc, like a ragdoll, To make some cool scenes like arm out the window while drifting etc
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