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Full Version: The Randomness thread
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Italy Tomorrow! Heart
The Raptors though
Hey, i am new to the whole Stuner thing, and i can't get the site to run om my pc. I am just not sure on what things i have to install to make the website work properly. Does anyone know, by chance?
Probably the latest version of flash
Revisited Car X Drift Racing after a very looooong time. Game has really improved a lot. I remember when it's so hard to get coins lmao
[Image: S9RcBYE.png]

hmmm...time for a break
Idk why but whenever I try to go on the website now, all it does is show ads for Drift Tuner, and I can't actually create a build.Confused
I can't believe people, like lone ranger, actually suck up to adam zillan, the biggest wanker to exist on FB.
I haven't been on facebook for a while. who is adam?

edit: nvm
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