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Full Version: The Randomness thread
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pay me $20000
wats ur paypal? lololol
tmw u ain't got nothin better to do so u get kicked out of a fb group out of sheer boredom
@OMGahd - Lmao, I saw the posts! Made my day ahaha! XD
@OMGahd And they even thought you were serious hahhahahahha
(02-17-2016 08:27 AM)Mitchellol Wrote: [ -> ]@OMGahd And they even thought you were serious hahhahahahha

my favorite part was when some guy said "that nikolovski cyka guy is spammin ur shit breh"
got a good laugh out of that lel
Facebook groups are such a joke hahahahaha
I was wondering what everyones favorite environment to build in was? Mine is Luxury garage in the day or sometimes empty with none and toggled floor reflections.
I usually leave the normal environment for building it, but when it comes to painting, I usually switch to the car park because the light is really good. I sometimes switch around to other things from there though
always lighting rig
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