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Full Version: The Randomness thread
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gred: i cri
You have no idea how long I've waited for this moment and how exciting it is for me. A little bit ago I realized the lack of good bikes in S-Tuner and figured that I could do something about it. A couple months of downloading and converting a lot of files, I came up with this rough mod pack.
IMPORTANT: I need your input on the mod pack! Things that are already on my list are to add pictures of each part and to specify whether they are multi piece or single piece. Give me some suggestions on bikes or parts you want added!
well,merry chrismas,etc Oo
its not christmas
it was though
wasnt christmas the 25th
OMGahd:maybe in usa lmao
it was
Does there need to be a new thread for this? It could be called "time zone confusion thread".
happy new year everybody
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