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Full Version: The Randomness thread
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Wasn't that at a workshop and they were driving the customers cars?
oh, that sucks
Thank you Juuso for the signature and logo!
Looks Dope
Thanks to Juuso!
Hi guys. lel So airborneimpreza & kojiii_san met yesterday @ Manila Auto Salon 2015. That girl approached us and said if it's okay for us three to have a photo. Well, why the hell not LOL Tongue

[Image: 6zSnGvoh.jpg]
Duuuuuddeee She's really pretty! lol

also you guys got something on your faces lolol
(11-17-2015 04:16 AM)PTARIStyle Wrote: [ -> ]Duuuuuddeee She's really pretty! lol

She is! lol Tongue

(11-17-2015 10:14 AM)gas23 Wrote: [ -> ]^this

also you guys got something on your faces lolol

for "secret" purposes LOL Tongue
Ayye the forums are back up!

Anybody else notice a huge decrease in loading speeds here?
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