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Full Version: The Randomness thread
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Ptari Tongue here's a little something inspiration for the EG build
[Image: CjEQTea.jpg]
The fam's minivan has an exhaust leak before the muffler and now it sounds savage
Go Jays go!
Not that any one does wonder, but to those that do, I am taking a break. Will be back soon when not so busy and will stop in here every so often. Still Love you all!
Olssons ex-RS6 was stolen and torched..
*goes to the corner to cry out loud*
I've been wanting to do a replica but haven't found a file yet.. Sad
Danielle Brambilla did one
this video gives me life
New Sig!
so there's this s13 hatch for sale nearby and im real fucking bummed that i don't have the money to buy it.
Ayyy my country finally got a new PM
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