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Full Version: The Randomness thread
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oh,so youre still alive,i was wondering whats up with you already,wbBig Grin
ayyy good to see you didn't forget us lol
Haha honestly I think about using Stuner all the time but alas I have no way of using it :/ I'm glad to see you became a mod Jorge
damn that sucks, and thanks dood
soo its 1.9,wich means first school day im many countryes...did you guys enjoyed?TongueTongue

ofc i just joking around haha
>be me
>be September 1st
>2nd week of class
Can someone please tell what the hell this is supposed to be? A Nissan "m4"?
Looked all over the match
[Image: 16humc5.jpg]
[Image: nv1e91.jpg]
I think it's some kind of concept car
nissan mid-4 lol.

[Image: zXPTMOR.jpg]
12 hours in a minivan is great fun. Now officially in the middle of nowhere. Lochalsh Ontario, a mining ghost town with one inhabitant and a fishing camp a couple miles away.
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