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Full Version: The Randomness thread
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why is it every time I see someone driving a modified car they always seem to drive like they really need to take a crapHuh
well thats just how you drive a modified car lol
That's just how I drive period
(06-08-2015 03:30 PM)gas23 Wrote: [ -> ]That's just how I drive period

for some reason I'm ok with this. . . .cause I to need to drive everywhere like i need to use the bathroom
[Image: iDN5HxM.png]
[Image: WVjWT1D.png]
[Image: KeZrU7n.png]
[Image: 6PLTM5M.png]
[Image: lc9VGxf.png]
^not really sure what that is, but a vette salad sounds delish.
it's a captcha
text reads: select all images with salad
Saw a mate at my local mall tonight, we hung out for a bit, then he decided to get McDonalds, we walked up after the people in front of us ordered and he started ordering, but... hes one of those guys who talks with his hands..... That really isnt a good quality when you dont have pockets, anyway he managed to launch his phone over the counter into the area where they make the food. he ended up getting a pile of big mac sauce with an iphone in it Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin
Oh god what a place.. I thought it was a fun place where everybody can post image of their S-Chassis cars, but NO! U gotta have RPS13 with clean paint and type x kit! If u don't have type x kit and clean paint your car will show up to "You are doing it wrong pt.2 because turrible ideas never die" topic.. Never posting to that place again! Big Grin Like why are you dissing other peoples car and why everybody should have same taste? I don't get it...
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