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Full Version: The Randomness thread
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I wouldn't mind the GT500 Supersnake or the Shelby Cobra Big Grin
ewww snakes, I think I'll stick to dogs Tongue
I recently sold my gecko
i dont trust anything with more than four legs.
(03-12-2015 10:54 AM)Juucso Wrote: [ -> ]I have cat and dog. U have any pets?

Yessir i sure do Smile

My super dangerous PitBull Bella and the Mini Black Panther Onyx Big Grin

[Image: 10330377_10202607317287714_4798414979451...wpzge9.jpg]
my cat
[Image: K1YYshp.png]
ma dawg
[Image: ayo0f00.png]
and a more normal pic of him
[Image: pxwdRFq.png]
OT: edgy dorifto with another 86
[Image: AntTCan.png]
Well my bracket's busted...

Thanks NC State :/
(03-22-2015 12:55 PM)gas23 Wrote: [ -> ]Well my bracket's busted...

Thanks NC State :/

For me, it was UAB beating Iowa State....ergh
yea the Iowa state game was bad for me, but I had nova going all the way haha.
I had UK going all the way...
Can't stand them, but had to be realistic...
I'm a Cincinnati fan, too, so you can only imagine who I was rooting for when they played haha.
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