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Full Version: The Randomness thread
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Dodgy FML!

[Image: Untitled_zps5wkk6ewl.png]
holy shit, I could get a full manual air kit for less than that. Too bad I want v2, the saving continues.
yeah.. and i want pillowball adjustment so i have to get the Hypermax IV SP's Dodgy
2k isnt that bad?
thats a lot if you ask me..

car : $25k
suspension : $2k
wheels : $3k
exhaust : $1k
seats : $2k EACH
FMIC : $1.5k

its adding up and its starting to suck lol

luckily my buddy owns a store and is going to sponsor both cars.. so ill get 25% off

still going to suck lol

(02-28-2015 07:59 AM)K24_EE4 Wrote: [ -> ]thats a lot if you ask me..

seats : $2k EACH

lol the seats I want are 6-8k a set.. won't be getting those anytime soon.
what seats?!

im getting Bride Lowmax kevlar buckets.. the two FRP ones i have will be used as game seats.. going to buy two buckets and two reclineables.. recline seats for my girl in each car and the buckets for me Big Grin

Kevlar Low Max buckets are $1,800 each
Recline Low Max seats are $980 each

my pocket is going to scream at me lol
hahah the euro golf r seats

[Image: 004.jpg]

it's around 5k to buy a seat... in germany and the shipping is somthing crazy like 2k
over priced.. just get brides Big Grin lol
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