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Full Version: The Randomness thread
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Yeah i'm doing the best I can with trying to get rid of them. Some days there won't be any, and some days there'll be like 30 of them. It's all a crap shoot, but the forums look pretty clean right now as it stands. I might delete some older empty threads but who knows.
I hate exam weeks.. hopefully I'll have time to build some cars this weekend
woo university sign on in 8 minutes for me lol
I just woke up...

^Nice, I studied about 3 years in I.T., but having a break this year due to a new high paying job Smile
I messed up one class so now i have to go on fridays for an hour. lol
Does anyone have this kinda render(?) of S13, but with Rocket Bunny V2 kit on it?

[Image: nikolay-final-render-full.jpg]
Been talking to my sponsorship rep at HybridRacing.. hopefully i will have this K24 in the wagon sooner than expected Big Grin
@Random_Psycho: I LOVE YOU SIGNATURE!! :o It's awesome!!
best comment ever
[Image: jI0CzYF.png]
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