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[Image: unlimited_factory_slap_by_kazamr2-dbig6kg.png]

Welcome to Unlimited Factory's garage thread!

We hope you enjoy viewing our builds, as much as we enjoy them ourselves!

I'll start off our new garage thread with a build I've been working on for some time now. c:

This is one of my biggest projects yet, with the majority of interior parts modelled in Blender by myself. Here it is: The Blitz Supra. A wangan killer with a huge low mounted single turbo, wide Top Secret GT300 bodykit, Blitz Nur Spec RX exhaust, Work Gnosis FCV03 with big dish and a Project MU big brake kit all around. The interior is full on "tuner" fashion, being two main colours, with Defi gauges all over, a Pioneer AVIC-F980BT unit, Defi Super Sports Cluster, and Blitz EBC and EVC, as well as a Top Secret shifter knob, and aftermarket pedals, including a Astaroth key chain on the key. I spent roughly 25 hours on the interior over the 2 weeks and 2 days it took to complete this. I'm very happy with it. c:

Hope you enjoy it as well!

Blitz Wangan Supra

[Image: blitz_wangan_supra_1_by_kazamr2-dbig5e4.png][Image: blitz_wangan_supra_2_by_kazamr2-dbig5eh.png][Image: blitz_wangan_supra_3_by_kazamr2-dbig5el.png][Image: blitz_wangan_supra_4_by_kazamr2-dbig5eq.png][Image: blitz_wangan_supra_5_by_kazamr2-dbig5fa.png][Image: blitz_wangan_supra_6_by_kazamr2-dbig5fl.png][Image: blitz_wangan_supra_7_by_kazamr2-dbig5fr.png][Image: blitz_wangan_supra_8_by_kazamr2-dbig5fu.png][Image: blitz_wangan_supra_9_by_kazamr2-dbig5fz.png][Image: blitz_wangan_supra_10_by_kazamr2-dbig5g2.png]

[Image: blitz_wangan_supra_11_by_kazamr2-dbig5ga.png][Image: blitz_wangan_supra_12_by_kazamr2-dbig5gi.png][Image: blitz_wangan_supra_13_by_kazamr2-dbig5gr.png][Image: blitz_wangan_supra_14_by_kazamr2-dbig5gy.png][Image: blitz_wangan_supra_15_by_kazamr2-dbig5h5.png][Image: blitz_wangan_supra_16_by_kazamr2-dbig5hc.png][Image: blitz_wangan_supra_17_by_kazamr2-dbig5hi.png][Image: blitz_wangan_supra_18_by_kazamr2-dbig5hq.png][Image: blitz_wangan_supra_neon_static_edit_1_by...big5ev.png][Image: blitz_wangan_supra_neon_static_edit_2_by...big5f5.png]

[Image: blitz_wangan_supra_neon_static_edit_3_by...big5ff.png]
After a while of not being motivated, I'm back [somewhat] with a RB kitted 180sx. I'm not honestly a fan of RB, but I was challenged to use it and create a RPS13 with the kit, so I chose V2. Here it is, in a midnight blue pearl colour, with chrome Super Advans, LED front lights, and a carbon kevlar taillight center. Alongside this, inside those tinted windows there is a full roll cage, and Bride Brix seat. For the engine, I wanted something obscure... So I stuck a single turbo Subaru F20 flat 4 in there! It's at a FMR setup [Front-mid engined rear wheel drive] for better performance as well as weight distribution.

Hope you enjoy it like I do!

Rocket Bunny RPS13

[Image: rocket_bunny_rps13_1_by_kazamr2-dbjnpas.png][Image: rocket_bunny_rps13_2_by_kazamr2-dbjnpb0.png][Image: rocket_bunny_rps13_3_by_kazamr2-dbjnpb5.png][Image: rocket_bunny_rps13_4_by_kazamr2-dbjnpbb.png][Image: rocket_bunny_rps13_5_by_kazamr2-dbjnpbh.png][Image: rocket_bunny_rps13_6_by_kazamr2-dbjnpbn.png][Image: rocket_bunny_rps13_7_by_kazamr2-dbjnpbv.png][Image: rocket_bunny_rps13_8_by_kazamr2-dbjnpc3.png][Image: rocket_bunny_rps13_9_by_kazamr2-dbjnpc6.png][Image: rocket_bunny_rps13_10_by_kazamr2-dbjnpcc.png]
Might as well post my schytt here as well haha
No UF watermark rip
[Image: 8gamR1H.jpg]
My latest project, a Do-Luck kitted R33 made for the wangan.

The Do-Luck kit is my favorite for the R33, second being the GT-R V-Spec OEM bumpers. The decal on the side I sketched up myself partially, then I used another for reference in creating it, to give a real street racer from the 90's vibe, alongside this it's equipped with Volk RE30 centerlock rims, aero mirrors, a custom low drag wing, and a big bore Blitz exhaust. The engine is a stroked JUN RB28 with two massive twin turbos providing almost 900hp for a one hell of an extreme racer.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! (☆ω☆)

Do-Luck Wangan R33

[Image: do_luck_wangan_r33_1_by_kazamr2-dblcw4n.png][Image: do_luck_wangan_r33_2_by_kazamr2-dblcw4z.png][Image: do_luck_wangan_r33_3_by_kazamr2-dblcw53.png][Image: do_luck_wangan_r33_4_by_kazamr2-dblcw57.png][Image: do_luck_wangan_r33_5_by_kazamr2-dblcw5d.png][Image: do_luck_wangan_r33_6_by_kazamr2-dblcw5j.png][Image: do_luck_wangan_r33_7_by_kazamr2-dblcw5r.png][Image: do_luck_wangan_r33_8_by_kazamr2-dblcw67.png][Image: do_luck_wangan_r33_9_by_kazamr2-dblcw6c.png][Image: do_luck_wangan_r33_10_by_kazamr2-dblcw6q.png]

[Image: do_luck_wangan_r33_neon_edit_by_kazamr2-dblcwdn.gif]
Kazama Auto makes the best-looking kit for the S15 in my opinion, in second to GP Sports.
The decal on the door and roof came from Tekken's Jin Kazama's Devil Gene tattoo, which I think looks pretty neat just for the fact that the car has Kazama Auto parts.
Under the bonnet is a twin turbo VQ35 pushing whatever numbers you want to believe it pushes out.
[Image: 36868033205_e00be4ccbe_o.jpg]
[Image: 36728264221_c1349d9f98_o.jpg]
[Image: 36868032285_6ab1b18d99_o.jpg]
[Image: 36471748090_8d185fc6f0_o.jpg]
[Image: 36033747194_e56448279e_o.jpg]
[Image: 36033746674_e30914f660_o.jpg]
[Image: 36728262571_7a70d0e8fa_o.jpg]
[Image: 36059331933_c5f14374a0_o.jpg]
Here's a 240 I made a while ago

[Image: 35261862244_f0870737fd_b.jpg]

[Image: 36101614075_6266074048_b.jpg]

[Image: 35261864234_e5653c354b_b.jpg]

[Image: 35710927980_a7ebc9f478_b.jpg]

[Image: 35710927400_e86fe88e6e_b.jpg]
rc drift starter pack
[Image: 36186611054_7b7334f218_o.jpg]
[Image: 36186610884_e1ccf9671e_o.jpg]
[Image: 36186610824_5baef71153_o.jpg]
[Image: 36186610704_71e4c7917d_o.jpg]
[Image: 36186611934_f52f65854b_o.jpg]
[Image: 37022177015_4b0546015a_o.jpg]
Quick C5
[Image: 37047057215_2c8f481868_o.jpg]
[Image: 36212121524_1b8566d9dc_o.jpg]
[Image: 37047056805_84fbe56309_o.jpg]
[Image: 37047056365_91010affe9_o.jpg]
[Image: 36906117601_1ccd051a65_o.jpg]
[Image: 36906116791_88c7cc5395_o.jpg]
[Image: 36239436563_ba82bf73b1_o.jpg]
[Image: 36906117921_7013bf7b4b_o.jpg]
[Image: 36906118431_0dbafcb486_o.jpg]
[Image: 36239437513_e765bdaab7_o.jpg]
One day I'll make a big build again... I don't know when. ~@w@~

[Image: drift_jzx90_1_by_kazamr2-dbmhw6q.png][Image: drift_jzx90_2_by_kazamr2-dbmhw6y.png][Image: drift_jzx90_3_by_kazamr2-dbmhw79.png]
Here's a couple shots of my Mirage I'm creating in Blender, mocked up in S-tuner with a custom bodykit.

[Image: mitsubishi_mirage_model_wip_1_by_kazamr2-dbmk56j.png][Image: mitsubishi_mirage_model_wip_1_by_kazamr2-dbmk56q.png]
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