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Full Version: An idea to end Commodore and Falcon conflict
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We all heard some old storys about how Holden owner and Ford owners fight(hurt?) each other in Australia.(Well,at least that's what I heard)

So,as someone who don't really understand the car nature there,it make me think :
What will happen,if,in the middle of the conflict between "Commodore Owner's club" and "Falcon Owner's club",someone show up in a stock,unmodimodified GM vehicle,which is also a stock,unmodimodified Ford vehicle !(Yup,this kind thing does exist)

Will both club mad about it.Or it will become a sign of peace?
(Of course,the badges and logos were removed before show up,and every parts on the car(even the paint) are still the ones that fit on the car since the day it roll off the production line)

PS I will post the photo of the vehicle if someone in the comments ask for it.
Seriously?no one want to talk about this?
i dont really think too many people care lol. or are from aus
(09-13-2016 12:57 AM)Mitchellol Wrote: [ -> ]i dont really think too many people care lol. or are from aus

mate this is an aussie forum

but you're right. this guy has no clue what he's on about
Ok...I give up.XD
<---Just a asian who is a car fan,and heard about some conflict between "Commodore Owner" and "Falcon Owner" which happen in Australia (from an unreliable souce).
And some how wonder what will those car owner think,if they saw a stock vehicle that is a Holden and also A ford at the same time.will they think that vehicle is on their side or the other side?
ans thought since s-tuner/FalconBuilder/CommoConfigurator are aussie based,where else is better to ask about this than here?
BTW,I think since I give's probaly time to revearl the vehicle's name.
The vehicle I metioned as "a stock,unmodimodified GM vehicle,which is also a stock,unmodimodified Ford vehicle" is usually called : Suzuki Carry/every.(the largest micro van/k-truck model line in the world.Sold world wide under lot's of name and brand)
But since this is about GM and Ford,so let's call it Holden Scurry(NB)(Australia market) and Ford Pronto(Taiwanese market only)

In short,my question that want to talk about with ypu guys is : What will a Holden Scurry(without badges and logos or with both Holden Scurry 'n' Ford Pronto badges on) show up between a argument of Commodore Owners and Falcon Owners.In both side's eyes,which side will it be on?
they'll probably both realise it's a japanese car and hate it to be honest
also I've never seen a holden scurry or even heard of it until now.
mhikari, do you concussion or is this your usual self seriously, imagine a camarfocus I mean seriously imagine...
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