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not sure where to share these but 4.3mb fle loaded right up! (Galaxy S5).

[Image: peWs36Qh.png]

[Image: UhNa4zgh.png]

edit: dinosaurs work too
[Image: 7eA50iqh.png]
My drifter:
[Image: bh9vl.jpg]
(5 minutes later... "Niko, lets go bowling!")
Why do I need to purchase my own build after I add more than two imports?
you could always just reconnect the phone to the computer and replace the two .3dt files with two other ones. Having more than two is an option.
^^this^^ I keep my builds in a seperate folder on my phone and move them to the Drift Tuner folder whenever I want to drive a certain one. But it doesn't hurt to throw the creator some cash to help pay for improvements!
My mazda Miata
[Image: 2mdgygk.jpg]
Where can I download cars??
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