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Full Version: Craziest cars seen IRL?
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I don't really see a thread with pics from cars they have spotted or seen IRL.
If this thread takes off:
1.Blurred plates, avoid showing people
2.NO fake images or ones you did not take.
3. NO spam posting 20 images of random nice cars seen, just the coolest few lately.

[Image: 9ZBH1yrl.jpg]
[Image: ZhciJS5l.jpg]
[Image: um0CDJFl.jpg]
[Image: iK7h0CZl.jpg]
[Image: Fbp0DMzl.jpg]
[Image: y2RP99Ml.jpg]
in past 2 weeks i meet this one,and i considered it a pic fd3s with ls2 not into ls2 swaps,but fd is super rare here in cz and ls2 swaps even more,so its pretty interesting and,in cz,unique build,the sound is crazy lmao:Dseen at the shop where that guy i know do pretty much everything on my sunny lmao

[Image: CAM00582.jpg]
Funny enough, I met a guy with a black fd3s with the ls2 swap too nearby. Excited to hear the rotary growl and then he puts up the hood lol.

I can't post too many though, I have an obscene amount of car stories and pics. Last week, I got to see my first koenigsegg, a ccxr. The one that ludacris drove in the end of fast five and I got to sit in the supra paul walker drove.
going trough my files,in my case,it gotta be something for me,or else i dont bother taking a picture...checking my phone now,there is few more from past,like,half year,or so idk lmao

nice condition,and most importantly stock ae92 gti,usally these ended up riced,crashed,etc...

[Image: CAM00417.jpg]

an old volvo i never saw before lmao

[Image: CAM00415.jpg]

nowdays quite unusual sight,a wartburg 353 and renault 11 3door next to each other,and i didnt took this pic on a meeting,but infront of regular apartment house lmao,353 is quite rare,and 11 even more,especially 3 door

[Image: CAM00308.jpg]

and while im at it,one repost lmao...this unexpected meet from last year was the best for me lmao,also with a chat with the owner,was cool lel

[Image: CAM00302.jpg]

(i didnt blured plate on my one because i never do lmao)
First time seeing a mk4 up close was just on Tuesday...
[Image: supra_zpsowh2ton9.jpeg]
holy shit what a LHD Maloo?

If I had to pick one car it's probably this one
[Image: DSC_9791.jpg]
^So Kuhl Coop lel

Anyways, this is the craziest thing I saw. 13B Swapped Drag Starlet. Look how huge that turbo is Tongue

[Image: wZdflehh.jpg]

[Image: XaW6NF0h.jpg]

[Image: tmx823zh.jpg]
Yeah what?! LHD HSV Maloo? haha nice!

Corvette powered Datsun I saw at a local meet a few weeks ago.
[Image: 1276703_1726170744285104_723809768510080...yl814u.jpg]
[Image: 11136226_1726175744284604_87354727015854...cmginq.jpg]

Not really the nicest in Hobart, but these are the locals.
[Image: 12654516_1710815405820638_89441403637518...fojfum.jpg]
[Image: 12646953_1710815635820615_28810342963514...lmxt71.jpg]
[Image: 12647114_1710815482487297_16719502993212...90mywc.jpg]
[Image: 12642690_1710815499153962_17807135524710...xa1txq.jpg]
[Image: 12642958_1710816375820541_69718005356436...ldruqg.jpg]
[Image: 12524071_1710815445820634_58868022981183...ylyiet.jpg]
[Image: 12669610_1710815309153981_84944987583750...iupexr.jpg]
[Image: 12643026_1710814999154012_36997098902684...02du8o.jpg]
[Image: 12654230_1710815359153976_40747528000880...0zvtxv.jpg]
[Image: 12642565_1710814745820704_18426913445461...oypxi3.jpg]

[Image: 12651079_1710815205820658_96109334030244...kyly4j.jpg]
[Image: 12644760_1710814715820707_29827102759925...vz5uls.jpg]
I have a few more, but I don't want to dump them all at once... I will do a few at a time
These are my best friend's neighbor's cars...
[Image: IMG_1670_zpsiwx5t1xp.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2902_zpsciu3rujw.jpg]

Now here are a few cars I saw at my high school...
[Image: IMG_2214_zpsmmztfbuj.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2972_zpsnlcc4l1z.jpg]
[Image: IMG_3064_zpslwssmh9x.jpg]

Here are a few I found in the wild...
[Image: IMG_3480_zpsm9wbiqxd.jpg]
[Image: IMG_3011_zpshqr2uqts.jpg]
[Image: IMG_4211_zpspmkpz18i.jpg]
[Image: IMG_4146_zpsuzmv5hda.jpg]
I live in a small Canadian Town, I don't see much lol. My neighbor has 2 M3 E30s and a normal one. Wish I got a picture of a WIP S10 with a C5 Covette rear taillights and fascia near my house. Been to the Detroit Henry Ford Museum and F-150 plant, mad cars there. Also been to a Couple exotic dealers, sat in an Aventador Roadster, Saw an Afla 8C. Best car show near me is Plunkets, who has the "Best" Cadillac collection in the world and a lot of cars show up, I'll have to get a good camera soon lol.
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