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Full Version: S-Tuner Menu Cars
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A thread for our Menu Images. Admin can choose to use these images for when an update or change is needed/necessary.

Some I made earlier:
Toyota Supra
[Image: 1415_zpsizd1n6eq.jpg]
Eunos Cosmo
[Image: 1416_zpsdhg1l3n3.jpg]
Nissan Stagea
[Image: 1417_zpsdqzd7r9s.jpg]
Nissan Patrol (2-door)
[Image: 1418_zps5i9ifon8.jpg]
I sent him a dozen yesterday, so far my stock MID4 is used. I still can't reload because I can't see some of the cars other people have posted (on facebook) about. Tried ctrl+refresh but still nothing
admin wanted it colorfull,well i aint feel like making every single car again like i did before,but once again i got him covered

[Image: image.jpg]

[Image: Kopie_image.jpg]

[Image: Kopie_2_image.jpg]

[Image: Kopie_3_image.jpg]
[Image: CHyUOsc.jpg]
[Image: ctOszNO.jpg]
[Image: oPiJjPn.jpg]
hey Smile new to the forum side of things. Was hoping maybe i could have a go at first menu car post. Its a Mines R34 GT-R V-Spec II. Hopefully Admin can consider
johnny seem to like it

[Image: 19645138714_21d014e941_o.jpg]

but he also scared

[Image: 20080321608_b7dda9ce03_o.jpg]
Happy 86 day! Big Grin

[Image: 86_day_10_by_kazamr2-d94h93n.jpg]
I laughed so hard at the "none" MS paint car in the menu
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