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Full Version: Damn you advertisements
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You ever be on sTuner building whatever car and you have been there for 'bout an hour put in lots of work on this car. During all this you've been listening to music on youtube. So you listen to one song and it finishes, so you go to click on the Youtube tab but just shoot it a little low and hit the advertisement above the 3d builder and BAM! all your work gone and didn't even get to save it. What is life after that tragedy?
I have adblock+, but if there wasn't any adds the admin wouldn't make any money
Be careful.
Honestly never happened to me, but I have lost a couple builds by accident before.
What browser are you using?
I'm using Chrome, there are the bookmark bar and the URL one between the tabs and the ads, so it would be very difficult for me to click on the ad instead of the tab.
I've never had a problem with the ads.
I feel for you, sir, but I have no prior experience with such tragedy.
If you're talking about the advertisement topics that pop up on the forum, I usually try to deal with them the moment they spring up.
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