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Full Version: Missing Parts/ Bug Report Thread
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Have a prœblem?
On quite a few cars I have noticed that a windshield and windows don't show up
would be helpful to identify which ones.
Camaros wheelbase is way too short.
(02-14-2015 01:55 AM)Lone Ranger Wrote: [ -> ]Camaros wheelbase is way too short.
u can change it urself
I occasionally use 3d Car Tuner when I can't be on my computer.. There isn't that option.. For that matter, could we get sliders for the wheelbase editing? It's sometimes frustrating when you want to adjust the wheelbase a lot, and you have to clickclickclickclickclickclick
lighting rig dont load
Camaro's wheelbase is too short. Sure I can adjust it myself but it would be ideal for it to correspond to the body's wheelbase like it would all the other cars
Lighting Rig, & Small Garage don't load.

HK Monaro can't load a dashboard, steering wheel and back seats.

Not sure if it's missing or how it was modeled, but the C-10 is missing it's front bumper.
VL's luxo lights appear like this
[Image: 1IwRPzK.png]
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