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Full Version: Next environment to 'make over'
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Since the Petrol Station & Skylight/Museum environment was added, it made me realise the some of the older ones really arn't up to scratch.

And whilst i know everyone wants *new* environments, i think its worth while giving the others a bit of attention to make them more useful.

so, thoughts on which would be best to improve next
I'd like to see casino, bridge, drag strip, and maybe car park.

P.S. could you add a dirt/rally environment since adding dust?
The Casino could be HEAVILY re-done in so many ways! Think many neon lights, kinda like Vegas or Miami. The Car Park could have some stores or something to make it look like a strip mall, or add a roof and some ramps kinda like a parking garage. The Drag Strip could use some detailing here and there as well. But definitely do the Casino, or the Car Park next.
what about making a carpark in daikoku futo style?
I agree with gred or casino is good too.
Casino! Smile
Definitely the casino or making the car park a little less bland
Casino for sure!
My vote goes to the casino as well!
car park is more important though. The floating curbs really annoys me... xD
Also yeah, agreed with the Casino too. The lighting is pretty bad imho and also the "meh" backgrounds.
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