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Full Version: Drawing thread!
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Yeah guys, this is for everyone who draws, and even those who don't but like seeing these things.

Can be anything, from random doodles to serious things, it's just for fun and showing off! Big Grin

I'm gonna start with a couple I have here.
[Image: Cover_V1.jpg]
[Image: 0001.jpg]

Let out your inner artist!
[Image: 15dpdfa.jpg]

[Image: imageuploadedbytapatalk1413488415-073301-jpg.20432]

Oh jesus..
Dude, you've brought my mind back into drawing mode again. Haven't drawn anything in almost a year. Thanks for reminding me. I do some comic stuff every now & then, but mostly draw to create my own concept designs. Should see some on here soon. Only downside atm is that my latest designs are in my notebook, so there'll be blue lines across the pics. Tongue
Do they have to be car related? Tongue This is about 2 years old now.

[Image: 544603_10151033023709291_768272816_n.jpg...e=54EFC90B]


Probably got more art etc somewhere but fuck knows where it is now haha. Haven't done any drawing or painting for several years.
[Image: 1311704000383.png]
[Image: 10495301_10204945524704962_1263609477013249487_o.jpg]
[Image: 10454970_10204925625807502_7485792886891897951_o.jpg]
[Image: 10516607_10204545833712937_7020975749996...9c5a2f43a1]
Here's a few i've done over the past few months; haven't had the time or the motivation as of late. Big Grin
New drawing peeps! Big Grin
Yes, I know it's missing the mirrors, but it will be revealed why...some day.
Oh yeah, another true fact, only 2 were ever built.
One is in the SAT museum ever since it was made, while the other one was turned into the JGTC machine which evolved over years.
I'm doing a 3D model of it as well, might post it somewhere.

[Image: 0004.jpg]
Awesome work... The guy on the bottom right, his face makes me laugh. He's like "oh Shi*t, Diablo"
326PowerUSA:and the one next to him doesnt seems impressed at all,hahaha
(10-25-2014 02:52 AM)gred Wrote: [ -> ]326PowerUSA:and the one next to him doesnt seems impressed at all,hahaha

Japanese attitude, blehh Lamborghini GTR.. Who cares, ive seen better.. Hahaha makes me laugh. Mark-o ever thought of creating a short story?
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