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Full Version: What did you do today?
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Well, what did you do today? I did start design custom widebody kit for JZA80 supra. Smile
[Image: 21j23b9.jpg]
I sleep till noon, because no class on Thursday's and now I get to do laundry and homework yay! Might even fit a little s-tuner in today.
[Image: imageuploadedbytapatalk1413488415-073301-jpg.20432]

DONE! Maybe..
Nice man looks good so far
Hmmm, looks nice!
Believe or not, I drew a Supra as well, when I was on college today.

It should be a scene from some manga I'm planning for 2 years (yeah, still didn't start with it)
[Image: 0001.jpg]

Ya know, maybe there should be a drawing topic.
Nice Mark-o
Thanks guys! Wanted to create something new.. Compined RX7 veilside + top secret final evoltution. I think it need better spot for license plate. Smile Next I will do front. Something with rocket bunny siffuser & canards and top secret. Lets see what I can create. Smile

That's awesome! I like the way it is drawn.
Thanks dudes! Smile

Say, that widebody also looks like Top Secret's GT300, don't you think?
(10-17-2014 08:28 AM)Mark-o! Wrote: [ -> ]Say, that widebody also looks like Top Secret's GT300, don't you think?

Sorry, thats what I did mean! Big Grin
i wake up around 14:00,a memory card with fmcb appeared today,so i burned tokyo extreme racer zero and i was playing it till now,shortly after 4:00am,now i did some popcorn and go watch something....i think i will go sleep around 6:00,then i will wake up around 14:00 again and so,i have nissan at bodyshop,some welding,so i just dont rly go anywhere now,hahaha
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